Jason Sumague-Young aka Jason Garner Young

Or Jason Garner Young, depending on the circumstance.

In any case, the question isn’t easy to answer. He runs an obscure blog called SaveAnaheim.com that is mainly devoted to attacking the character and integrity of anyone who disagrees with his view of Anaheim politics — especially Councilwoman Kris Murray – and runs a few obscure Facebook pages dedicated to attacking Murray and council candidate Jordan Brandman. His commentary has all the deftness and message discipline of an old-school Pravda apparatchik.

If Google is any guide, Sumague-Young is (commendably) a fan of the show TV show Lost, is a self-described cinematographer who runs a wedding video business, appears to be involved in some indie film project called “E-Ticket Ride,” is hostile to Disney and spends an amazing amount of time commenting on blogs and social media.

Curiously for someone whose standard way to express disagreement is to call someone a liar, untrustworthy or corrupt, Mr. Sumage-Young was arrested in 2004 for second degree burglary, identity theft, and fraudulent use of an access card. He ultimately pled guilty and was sentenced to 120 days in jail, 3 years probation and required to make restitution to his victim.

You can search “Jason Garner Young” at the OCCourts.org website (click on the Criminal and Traffic Case Access portal). While the information summary there says “not guilty,” according to the full record Young change his plea to “guilty”to the above felonies, served his jail time, and upon completion of probation the offenses were reduced to misdemeanor status, which is why the charges are shown on the website as dismissed (again, all public information).

No one is perfect. Something to keep in mind next time Mr. Sumague-Young takes a political disagreement and turns it into a character assault. Mr. Sumague-Young might also want to keep this in mind.