Lucille Kring

For the July 1 through September 30  reporting period, former councilwoman-times-two Lucille Kring raised $13,524 dollars, bringing her year to date total to $33,574 — according to her campaign report filed today.

She also paid back the $50,000 she loaned herself in June, and then loaned her campaign another $50,000 on September 28. This looks like a classic example of pumping up the numbers with a loan. And since she had already paid herself back once, it begs the question of whether Kring will spend that $50,000 when push comes to shove.

When you include the $50K loan and factor out expenditures, Mr. Kring ended September with $70,112.65 cash-on-hand.

Most of the nearly $13,000 in expenditures was on consultants and slates; Precision Politics of Simi Valley appears to be her campaign consultant, judging by the report.

$70K is a respectable amount for an Anaheim city council race, and Kring presumably has good residual name ID from two non-contiguous council terms. If she doesn’t spend the $50,000, then $33K may not be enough o carry Kring over the finish line, even with the name ID and endorsement of Mayor Tom Tait.