John Leos’ biggest fan.

If there were any doubts whether the Orange County Employees Association (with which the Anaheim city employees union is affiliated) was going all in for John Leos again this year, you can put them to rest.

The OCEA is sponsoring the “Committee to Support John Leos for Anaheim City Council 2012” political action committee.  You can bookmark it’s entry on the Cal-Access site to track the money going in and out. OCEA formed the committee last month (on September 11, to be precise)

By funding voter contact through this new committee rather than the union PAC, I’m guessing OCEA has learned a lesson from 2010, when the many pro-Leos mailers it funded all said “Paid for by the Orange County Employees Association” — a signal flare alerting voters that Leos’s was the government union candidate.