Anemic Leos Fundraising = Dependence On OCEA

John Leos (center) with OCEA Prez Robert Gibson (right) at Jerry Brown inaugural shindig.

The OCEA’s chosen candidate for the Anaheim City Council, John Leos, posted truly anemic fundraising numbers for the July 1 through September 30 fundraising period.

Leos received $4,700 in contributions, spent $4,842.55, and has $5,009.21 cash-on-hand.

If the Leos campaign were a human being, it would need massive blood transfusions.

Since he ran for council in 2010, you’d think Leos’s would have a base of supporters to build on. Amazingly, he is raising less money than he did during the same period in 2010. Between July 1 and September 30 of 2010, Leos raised $8,650, spent $13,093.05 — twice his 2012 numbers — and had $5,032.04 cash-on-hand.

There’s no payments listed to his consultant, Andrew Gibson (brother of OCEA President Robert Gibson), which kept his current COH higher than it would have been otherwise.

Candidates usually run stronger campaigns the second time around — not weaker ones. The upshot: Leos will be even more dependent on the campaign warchest of the Orange County Employees Association, which has already plunked $50,000 into a pro-Leos IE committee, with more union lucre sure to come.

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  1. Great blog! Good stuff for us politicos. Thank you. The local blogs have lots of ranting and not much info.

  2. This guy is going to be owned by OCEA! What were those guys at the OC Register smoking when they endorsed Leos? How can they complain about public employee union influence on city governments, and then endorse Mr, Government Union?

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