Anaheim Union High School Trustee Jordan Brandman is the first city council out of the box with a mail piece that began landing in Anaheim voter mailboxes last Friday. The OC Registrar of Voters will start mailing vote-by-mail ballots tomorrow, so mailers will now start landing heavily.

Generally speaking, a candidate’s first few mailers are positive pieces intended to introduce voters to the candidate and his/her experience and issues. Brandman’s mailer is no exception:

Click here for a PDF of the mailer.

You can see from the issues and endorsements that Brandman is running a contemporary version of the Tom Daly coalition: centrist, bipartisan, able to attract support from both Democrats and Republicans, business and labor. It has been a proven success formula in Anaheim. Combined with Brandman’s healthy campaign warchest — $66,000 raised, a $40,000 loan and $104,924 cash-on-hand — and strenuous campaign work ethic, he is a sure front-runner for one of the two open council seats.