The Anaheim city council campaign began in earnest last week as 60,311 vote-by-mail ballots were mailed to Anaheim voters by the OC Registrar of Voters (1,104 have been returned thus far, and total VBMs issued is up to 61,994).

Campaigns times their mail campaigns to that exercise, and the first mailer (from Anaheim school trustee Jordan Brandman) landed a few days prior to VBMs being mailed.

Since then, mail pieces have been raining on Anaheim voters. Brandman and Steve Chavez Lodge have been dominating the mail box, both in their own pieces and in mailers from independent expenditure committees. Lucille Kring sent out one piece, as did John Leos (neither of which I have).

The OC Taxpayers Association PAC sent out two mailers in support of its endorsed candidates, Brandman and Lodge:

And this one:

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The Support Our Anaheim Resort PAC has also stepped in with two mailers for Brandman and Lodge. Due to technical issues has with Issuu embed coding, I shall direct to view them by clicking here and here.

The Anaheim Police Association PAC weighed in heavily on the side of Brandman and Lodge, sending out one mailer promoting them jointly – click here — and then one each for Lodge  (click here) and Brandman (click here) individually.

For those interested in following this Anaheim council campaign from a voter-on-the-ground perspective, we’ll maintain a library of mailers here.

Given the summer rioting, a strong law enforcement stance will be a plus with Anaheim voters. ‘Listening” and investigating and general hand-wringing carries more currency with the Los Amigos crowd and on outlets like Voice of OC, but your average Anaheim voter will want their city council to focus on its first duty — safe streets.

The upshot so far: in the crucial early voting, the names that are dominating the mailbox and the attention of voters are Jordan Brandman and Steve Chavez Lodge — both from their own campaigns and from third parties like the APA, SOAR and OCTax. This is the same template on which the “Anaheim Jobs Team” of Tom Tait, Kris Murray and Gail Eastman prevailed in 2010. Lodge has a taller mountain to climb than Brandman, of course, given that the former isn’t well-known to Anaheim voters and Brandman is an elected Anaheim school trustee who has twice appeared on Anaheim voters ballots.