Hmmm. Whose character shall I assassinate today?

Anaheim gadfly blogger Jason Young is very perturbed about what he sees as a “pay to play” culture in Anaheim politics, anxious that elected officials and candidates will have their votes unduly influenced by campaign contributions.

Is this because Mr. Young is aware that 60% of council candidate John Leos’ campaign contributions have come from government unions, and that the union representing Anaheim city employees has dumped an initial $50,000 into a committee dedicated to electing Leos to council (and the OCEA independent expenditure committee has spent another $12,428 buying slates for Leos) — and Mr. Young is simply alarmed Leos’ will be swayed by that support when the OCEA/AMEA contract is up for negotiation in little more than a year?

Of course not.

Mr. Young has a glaring blindspot for government unions on his blog. [By the way, the left-wing OC Weekly recently named it Orange County’s “best blog” — an honor the Weekly bestows on blogs that are nasty and vicious toward people and entities the Weekly dislikes.]

Young believes that because businesses have contributed to Anaheim school trustee and council candidate Jordan Brandman in support of his pro-business philosophy, then that is prima facie proof of “pay-to-play.” Young, of course, has no evidence other than speculation based on the logical fallacy of post hoc, ergo propter hoc (“after this, therefore because of this”).

For Young’s claim to have any credence, one would have to suppose Brandman would have voted differently in the absence of those campaign contributions. Based on Brandman’s record and articulated philosophy, there is no reason — none — to think she would have voted any differently.  Young’s accusations are just a cheap smear.

Young’s accusations of wrongdoing also lack credibility because the accuser lacks credibility — especially when it comes to alleging wrong doing.

As Anaheim Blog has previously reported, in 2004 Young was convicted of burglary, fraudulent use of an access card and identity theft (one wonders if the OC Weekly staff was aware of these when bestowing the “Best Blog” award; then again, it probably wouldn’t bother them).

Here is the record.

Yes, that’s right: blogger Jason Young, who pled guilty in a court of law to these offenses, is questioning the character and integrity of an elected official he dislikes based on illogical, unsubstantiated speculation.

But since Mr. Young has opened the door, let’s take a look on his side of the doorway. Mr. Young is a wedding videographer. He apparently lives above the Ruby’s Diner on Lincoln Avenue in west Anaheim. In a three-day period in August, he wrote campaign contribution checks for nearly $3,000 — giving $1,800 to John Leos on August 17, and putting $1,000 into his own little Save Anaheim PAC on August 20 (all told, Young has put $1,534.62 into Save Anaheim PAC). That’s a lot of money for even affluent activists to donate, especially in just three days for someone with no discernible history of donating to campaigns.

It’s not unprecedented for money to make its way into campaign coffers through cut-outs, in order to mask the identity of the real donor. Not that that is the case here.