Last night, at the political street theater known as the Anna Drive candidate forum,  Anaheim council candidates promised to sharpen the “listening” skills fashionably considered the key to ensuring public safety.

Meanwhile, the same night, a couple of miles away a 14-year old boy was shot to death in what police say was a gang-related shooting. Perhaps the culprits are still working off their frustration at not being “listened to” at  July 24 Anaheim City Council meeting?

According to the Anaheim PD, the 14-year old was a documented gang member.

This is a law enforcement problem, not a listening problem. I have little doubt that what Anaheim residents, be they in the hills or living in these gang-infested neighborhoods would like to see is for these criminals to be locked up. Given Anaheim’s gang violence and its ripple effects, are the Anaheim police really the problem? Are notions like establishing a civilian review panel really a priority outside of Los Amigos circles?