The OC Register reports that the office manager for the Anaheim Police Association — the union representing the city’s police officers — has been charged with embezzling more than $360,000 during a five-year period:

From August 2007 to March 2012, according to the allegations, [Cindy Ann] Su’a took more than $360,000 by altering her signed paychecks, Labreche said. Su’a used a typewriter correction feature to change her bi-monthly payment amount from about $2,489 to $5,489 or $6,489, he said.

“One year, she paid herself nearly $200,000 when she was supposed to be making $65,000,” Labreche said, adding that she was also using the association’s online banking account to pay her own bills.

Kerry Condon, the association president, discovered a discrepancy in Su’a’s income after receiving delinquency notices from the Internal Revenue Service regarding her failure to file taxes, according to [Senior Deputy District Attorney Marc] Labreche.

The APA had their own Kindee Durkee. It always amazes me how long things like this can go on before the embezzler gets nabbed.