More Government Union Money Pours In For Leos

Leos and Berardino

OCEA’s John Leos at the union’s celebration of Jerry Brown’s inaugural, with OCEA Prez Robert Gibson and OCEA GM Nick Berardino

In a repeat of 2010, government employee unions ae pulling out the stops for John Leos’ campaign for Anaheim City Council.

The OCEA-sponsored “Committee to Support John Leos for Anaheim City Councl 2102” reported $138,000 in contributions from the United Employee Organizations of Orange County Independent Expenditure Committee (UEOOC). The UEOOC is an IE committee through which the OCEA, the Orange County Attorneys Association, the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Association and other government employee associations funnel campaign contributions. It doesn’t sound so union-ish on the political mailer disclaimers.

That $138,000 is on top of the original $50,000 OCEA put into this committee — and it was donated between October 11 and October 16.

That puts the government employee union IE effort for Leos at $188,000 — closing in on the quarter-million OCEA blew on Leos in 2010. Two pro-Leos mailers paid for by this money hit yesterday; Chris Emami has posted them on OC Political.

Now, compare that $188,000 (and climbing) with the $19,418.75 that John Leos has raised on his own during the last 10 months. Government union IE spending for Leos outpaces the candidate’s own fundraising by a factor of 10.

Remind me again what reforms the government employee unions are spending this money to support?

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  1. It makes me nervous when a candidate is fully funded by a government union.


    Makes me twice as nervous when candidates are fully funded by private interests sucking a lot more money out of the city than union workers.

  3. Cynthia, you don’t know what you are talking about. The city’s unfunded pension liabilities are enough to bankrupt Anaheim. You’re obviously rationalizing.

    Government unions were evil when they were attacking Shawn Nelson, but now they’re not so bad when they are backing John Leos.

    You are a weathervane, Cynthia. You’re as predictable as a roulette wheel.

  4. I hated the lies they were telling, especially when they portrayed my neighborhood as packed with sex offenders and child molesters protected by Shawn Nelson, and if I ever meet Nick Berardino I have no problem ripping into him for that campaign. My point is simply that BOTH sides are pumping money into the race, and depending on which side you talk to, the other guys are evil for the money they are spending but the desirable candidates are free of any influence, and beyond corruption from all that money. It’s a crock, both sides are going to be helpful to their friends,

  5. Matthew Cunningham

    Cynthia, so now you’re shfting to a “pox on both their houses” stance? This isn’t what you were saying a couple of weeks ago.

    By the way, the OCEA just put another $250,000 of their members’ dues money into electing Leos (it helps not to have to ask their permission).

    Still not concerned?

  6. Cynthia – stop selling your wares on this site. The council has not given away funds – you know it and everyone who has a remote interest in the truth knows it. You can debate the value or detriment of a tax credit to develop hotels all day but it never amounts to giving away existing funds. This council approved a balanced budget and you know it – and invested in community programs you claim to care so much about. Leos is a staunch advocate for Yes on Prop. 30, No on Prop 32, police oversight commissions, carving our city into districts, massive tax increases, and there can be no doubt he will fight pension reform all day long. He is a proud public employee union leader and you have become a raving hypocrite. Give it a rest!

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