John Leos’ biggest fan.

Amazing. Voice of OC writes a long article about the “hidden hand” of Disney in the Anaheim City Council elections because the company has spent about $189,000 supporting two candidates, Jordan Brandman and Steve Lodge.

But no mention that the Orange County Employees Associations — with a little help from other government employee unions — has put $188,000 behind just one candidate: government union activist John Leos.

Oh wait — scratch that. That was the public number yesterday. Today, the OCEA Independent Expenditure Committee reported a late contribution of $250,000 into the “Committee to Support John Leos for Anaheim City Council 2012” — which itself is controlled by the OCEA..

Yes, you read that right. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. But when you don’t have to ask your members’ permission before spending their money on campaigns, it’s amazing how quickly government unions can build a big a campaign warchest.

That brings government union spending for Leos at $438,000 — and $300,000 of that from OCEA. That isn’t counting the direct contributions that make up a majority of Leos’ meager fundraising.

Is there some spending threshold the OCEA and its fellow government i have to cross before, say, the Orange County Register comes to its sense and re-considers its endorsement of John Leos? There has to be some level of cognitive dissonance at work for the OCR editorial page to push for Prop. 32, and also push for a candidate who is completely dependent on the kind of union political spending the OCR wants to end? Any second thoughts as to what OCEA wants badly enough from a Councilman John Leos that is willing to spend at least $300,000 to elect him?