There had been a rumor on the political street of a non-aggression pact between the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA) and Anaheim City Council candidate Jordan Brandman.

The OCEA has killed that rumor with this hit piece it sent out against Brandman:

Readers will recall that Brandman’s erratic, less-than-truthful AUHSD Board of Trustees colleague Katherine Smith filed a complaint accusing him of misusing district resources — even though Smith herself admitted having no idea what she thought he was misusing. I described this as a variation of the old tactic of filing a complaint, and then sending out hit pieces claiming the target is “under investigation.”

Which is exactly what the OCEA has done with this truly sleazy hit piece, with the union claiming — absent any evidence — that Brandman has broken the law. [And this is another argument for forming the 5150 Committee to take out elected officials like Smith who have stayed in office past their expiration date.]

The irony is that if Brandman were just some rank-and-file OCEA member who was not just accused, but guilty of misuse of public property, the OCEA would be working to keep him from being fired!

And anyone want to bet we will not be seeing any OCEA-funded hit pieces against Lucille Kring?

If there is a silver lining for Brandman, it’s that the OCEA wouldn’t be hitting him unless its polling showed him positioned to win — not a cheering prospect for the government employee union whose desired outcome is the election of John Leos (and probably of Kring).