No flip-flopping allowed.

Former Anaheim Councilman Frank Feldhaus has pulled his endorsement of council candidate Lucille Kring (with whom he served on the council from 1998 to 2002).

The reason: Kring’s changing her position on the “Take Back Anaheim” initiative, a ballot-box budgeting measure that would take one specific revenue stream — the transient occupancy tax — and require a city-wide vote on its use in one specific instance: to subsidize hotel development.

Kring had opposed the “Take Back Anaheim” initiative, which was spearheaded by a coalition of liberal activists and funded by the county employee union. Then, a few weeks ago, she switched her position. As the Voice of OC reported:

Kring received Tait’s endorsement after she decided to support the “Let the People Vote” initiative, which would transfer power to approve hotel room tax subsidies from the council to the ballot box.

Kring, a former councilwoman, at first opposed the initiative.

“I changed my mind because I’ve seen polling, and people are really interested in voting. So why not?” Kring said.