What Brian Chuchua Didn’t Tell Atlas PAC

I saw a post over at OC Political entitled “Atlas PAC Endorsed Candidates Make Their Final Push.”

For readers unfamiliar with Atlas PAC, it is a conservative group committed to “individual liberty, free enterprise, limited and fair taxation and limited government regulation.”

I didn’t know until reading the post that Atlas PAC, like the OC Republican Party, endorsed Brian Chuchua for Anaheim City Council. Like the OC GOP’s action, an odd choice.

I’m assuming Atlas PAC made its endorsement before Chuchua announced his support for imposing a ticket tax on Disneyland, Angel Stadium and the Honda Center, in order to fund city social programs.

His support for a ticket tax comes despite this promise from his campaign website:

As your next councilmember, I will:

– Never vote to raise your taxes;

Perhaps Atlas PAC was unaware Chuchua is one of the biggest cheerleaders for fellow candidate John Leos, a government union activist whose council bid is being fueled with hundreds of thousands of government union dollars.

Like Leos, Chuchua supports the lawsuit filed by the ACLU and three left-wing activists, seeking to replace the current at-large council system with a district-based system of their design — which would be drawn to guarantee at least a third of Anaheim’s council seats are held by liberal Democrats.

For good measure, Chuchua has become active in “Los Amigos,” a group that agitates for left-wing causes in Anaheim.

But again, I’m assuming Atlas PAC was unaware of these facts. Otherwise, it’s hard to see why they would endorse him.


  1. So glad the atlas, pro family PAC never asked about chuchua’s family history. His wife is a dear. Could someone ask Brian about his second family from Brazil? I am sure he would tell the truth.

  2. Wow Anaheim Truth that’s a low blow. Would you mind sharing your name with the group instead of hiding behind an alias?

    Jason Young

    • A complaint from Mr. Low Blow himself! What a hypocrite. At least I’m telling the truth. You ought to try it sometime.

  3. Matthew Cunningham

    Says the guy who comments here as “nojordanbrandman” and “anaheimman84.” Careful throwing rocks in that glass house, Jason.

  4. The default is nojordanbrandman, ill be sure and put Jason Young from now in.

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