A group called “Taxpayers for Safer Neighborhoods” filed the required disclosure form with the Anaheim City Clerk yesterday. According to the form 496, this committee spent nearly $12,000 on a hit piece targeting Anaheim council candidate Jordan Brandman (judging by the dollar amount, it’s probably targeting Republican voters).

The negative mailer has yet to land in mail boxes, so we’ll see if it follows the same line of attack as the two sleazy hit pieces sent out this week by the powerful government union, the OCEA, or a more conventional “Brandman is a Democrat” angle.

Judging from the Taxpayers for Safer Neighborhood report, some of the funding is earmarked for mail in different city. Here’s a breakdown of the money behind the Brandman hit:

  • $5,000     Tait Family Trust
  • $9,000     Green & Clean Investments LLC of Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • $9,500     Carol Young, a secretary with The Braille Institute

That would still leave another $11,000 or so in the “Taxpayers for Safer Neighborhoods” kitty for another mailer.

NOTE: An earlier headline erroneously indicated the contribution to this IE committee was from Mayor Tom Tait. That is not the case. The donation is from Ken and Val Tait. Apologies for the error.