OCEA Raises Its Bet On John Leos By Another $50,000

John Leos’ biggest fan.

Prior to last Thursday, the Orange County Employees Association has already placed a huge bet on electing government union activist John Leos to the Anaheim City Council: $300,000, courtesy of dues deducted from members to support a candidate those members may or may not support (No wonder John Leos opposes to Prop. 32).

As an OCEA member put it on my personal Facebook page a few weeks ago: “I love John, but how can they do that with our money?”

This past Thursday, OCEA raised its bet on Leos by another $50,000, bringing it’s total wager to $350,000. When you add that to the $138,000 contributed by the United Employee Organizations of Orange County IE committee, the government unions have committed $488,000.

That is almost certainly an Orange County record of union spending for a single council candidate.

One of these days, the Orange County Register editorial board might get around to asking itself why such a staggering sum of money — more than OCEA is spending in Costa Mesa, the ground-zero for outsourcing – is being expended on Leos behalf, by the union that represents the Anaheim city employees union?

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  1. I wonder how union members will feel when he loses AGAIN. $488,000.00 down the tubes – all those union dues collected and thrown away for just one guy? The truth is that after Leos loses AGAIN the receipts will show the true beneficiaries from this race – for instance, payment in full for Cynthia Ward’s attorney’s fees in an effort to beat the competition union style. With Chicago tactics likes these, a YES on 32 result is inevitable.

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