Kring, Brandman Winning; $500,000 buys Leos Third Place

If the vote-by-mail returns hold, former councilwoman Lucille Kring is coming back for a thrid term, and Jordan Brandman for a first term. Kring has 21.2% and Brandman has 20.4%.

John Leos, with half-a-million in government union money at his back, finished third with 13.3% (which I think is worse than his showing two years ago).

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  1. What a great night for our city!!! Tom Tait should do the decent thing and resign. He has put our city through enough. The public employee unions were big losers in Anaheim, as was their candidate John Leos . Speaking of BIG losers, I hope Cynthia Ward is still able to get her legal bills paid by the unions now that the they have wasted some much money in Anaheim.

  2. Lets hope that there will be some peace in Anaheim following this election – it’s time to govern and put residents first. Enough already with organizations like Take Back Anaheim – the Mayor needs to stop now and start working with his colleagues again. Tait’s attacks in the Register and through his blog supporters are harming the city. Everyone is in agreement that enough is enough.

  3. John Leos is an also ran ! Thank God that our City was spared and that we might now move forward for the collective good of Anaheim. It’s amazing to me that over 20,000 folks saw through the attacks and still choose wisely.

  4. Stand for Anaheim

    Cynthia Ward needs to go away! She has turned on more people and that is just sad. Anaheim got it right with electing Jordan. OCEA should throw out Berardino after two election cycles of throwing money down the drain for Leos. What a horrible candidate. Go away Leos and Ward!

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