Chris Emami did yeoman’s work posting up a number of mailers from the tsunami of mail that landed on Anaheim voters this election.

Although we’ll know the results in a few hours, you can view a number of the mailers largely driving those results here, here, here, here and here.

Despite the gusher of government union money uncorked to elect John Leos, I’ll venture a prediction that it is in vain, and that Leos falls short. I think enough voters are smart enough to realize what the game is, that the sheer volume of government union money becomes an issue in itself, and the OCEA’s mail was uneven, and enough of it just not very good. Two years ago, there was a flood of it portraying Leos as a champion of the taxpayer; the problem was it all said “paid for by the Orange County Employees Association.” Nothing has changed.

If Leos loses, that means OCEA will have spent around $700,000 since 2010 in a vain attempt to elect him to the Anaheim City Council.

In other news, Councilwoman Kris Murray distributed this response to yesterday’s op-ed by Mayor Tom Tait.