Maybe The Packing District Should Be Put On The Ballot?

PackingDistrictLogoIt doesn’t get the headlines  but one of the most anticipated additions to the Anaheim scene is the opening of the Anaheim Packing District in downtown Anaheim this spring, as the OC Register writes about today.

It’s a public-private partnership between The Lab Holding LLC and the City of Anaheim that promises a true revitalization of downtown. The old downtown Anaheim was torn down and redeveloped back in the 1970s, back when it was still considered smart urban development to replace cool old buildings with glass-and-steel boxes.

Fortunately, the old packing house and environs were left standing, and under the experienced hands at The Lab Holding, could form the foundation of a real night-life in downtown Anaheim.  It’s worth noting this project is a legacy of the era of Mayor Curt Pringle, which certain disgruntled elements are fond of deploring as a terrible dark age.

It did occur to me that taxpayer dollars have been spent on this project, essentially subsidizing a developer. Shouldn’t the “Take Back Anaheim” coalition be demanding this project be placed before the voters for their approval, since they believe city council government incompetent to make spending decisions absent recourse to the voters (unless, of course, the developer has been shaken down for sufficient goodies).

Obviously, that would be ridiculous — which is the point.

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  1. Joan Sosa does not even live in Anaheim! She lives in Fullerton! She smiled at me when she left the council meeting last time. But I know she would like to choke me if it were legal! James Robert Reade

  2. James – Joanne Sosa lives in Anaheim. I sent her a Christmas card and her address was in Anaheim.

    • Dear Anaheimman84, Joan Sosa just lost her home in Fullerton and moved out two weeks ago. Joan should have been taking back her home in Fullerton instead of trying to “take back Anaheim” as her slogan goes. Please be completely truthful instead of only telling the public half truths. Thank you. James Robert Reade

  3. Matthew Cunningham

    Well, well! Link-back to a rant from the King of Crazy himself, Art Pedroza! That should be good for laugh.

  4. I followed that link back to Art’s blog. Funny how things change. I’ve been following the OC blogosphere from the early days, and I remember when Pedroza used to rip on OC Blog all the time for allowing contributors to use pen names, and bragging how he’d never let his bloggers use fake names.

    Now everyone at Pedroza’s blog writes under one fake name! The guy is shameless and nobody takes him seriously.

  5. Oh, and the comments! Lordy! It’s hysterical reading all the nuts and crackpots admiring each other.

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