Pro-“Take Back Anaheim” Blogger: “The People Don’t Know What Is Going On”

Logic? Consistency? Those are for lesser beings.

Logic? Consistency? Those are for lesser beings.

Let me say right off the bat that I’m not according Jason Young undeserved credibility, but it is worth highlighting a comment he made on the Voice of OC yesterday while tangling with Anaheim Blog contributor Anaheimocrat — if only because Jason’s cognitive dissonance is held in such high esteem by the crowd that opposes the GardenWalk agreement while simultaneously wanting to put it on the ballot.

First, Jason tosses out this assertion:

“The majority votes on the original agreement, the public outcry is overwhelming negative against the deal (over 15,000 signatures gathered to oppose TOT giveaways), and a judge throws it out.

The people have spoken and yet Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, and Jordan Brandman  will try and ram this deal through again?”

When it is pointed out to him that the people actually did speak by electing the pro-GW candidate and rejecting the ant-GW candidates, Young quickly contradicted himself:

“The people don’t know what is going.”

So, which is it? There is no reason to grant any gravity to the signatures gathered by Take Back Anaheim’s union-funded circulators if, as Jason Young says, they were gulled from “people [who] don’t know what is going on.”

And how can “the people speak” on GardenWalk if, as Young asserts, they are don’t know what is going on? How can you there be an overwhelming outcry from an ignorant public?

This painful cognitive dissonance isn’t confined to Jason Young’s rantings, but runs through the commentary and pronouncements of anti-GardenWalk activists.

Jason and his admirers can’t have it both ways.

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  1. Matt – it would have been nice if you had contacted me to clarify before posting this blog post.

    I believe the majority of Anaheim residents don’t have a clue what is going on at city hall. In fact, I bet if we took a poll, most don’t even know who the mayor is. However, I do believe those signatures gathered represent folks who are aware of how bad this GardenWalk deal is.

    Brandman was not elected based on his GardenWalk Hotel giveaway support but based on the overwhelming amount of money poured into his campaign. Now you could turn it around and say well then “why didn’t John Leos win?” To that I would say:

    1. less money was poured into his campaign then Brandman’s
    2. ads attacking Brandman’s support of GardenWalk were limited and were not release until after the absentee votes were cast
    2. John’s association with OCEA and the perception that unions are bad didn’t help

    I’m actually glad this corrupt council majority plans to bring this back to council. The negative PR this is going to generate is going to be unbelievable. Cause this time we are ready to fight back hard.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “Matt – it would have been nice if you had contacted me to clarify before posting this blog post.”

      Jason, you are asking for a courtesy you do not extend to others? Why does that not surprise me?

      Again, since you believe Anaheim residents do not have a clue what is going on at City Hall, then it makes no sense to put GardenWalk or any other City Hall decision to a plebiscite. Otherwise, you are calling for having critical public policy decisions made by voters you contend are ill-informed.

      As for your campaing analysis, neither Jordan Brandman nor John Leos had any shortage of resources supporting their candidacies. A huge difference is that Jordan was able to raise a large warchest himself — which, like it or not, is evidence of depth and breadth of connections within the community. Leos, by contrast, raised only a relative pittance — OCEA did all the spending for him.

      The mailers attacking Jordan were not limited, but sent to a wide universe of voters from a spectrum of sources. And you forget that VBM ballots were slow in being returned, and most voters still had their ballots when they landed.

      At the end of the day,regarding the negative mail, voters found the hits on Leos credible, but weren’t buying the hits on Jordan. I’m afraid your mother wasted her $9,500.

      • I have spoken to Kris Murray on several occasions to make sure I got my facts straight before posting. In addition to speaking to high level staff at the City of Anaheim.

        Jordan’s money all came developers and folks who want something from him. Not from average residents. Almost all of his mailers btw were funded by Disney via money funneled to OCBC, ANA, and so on.

        The mailers were limited Matt. I know how many went out, when they went out, etc. .

        Jordan eventually will show his true colors as a member of the masters of the universe.

  2. Young has gotten Old

    Mr. Young, I recommend that you review the council meeting of last year. If you were to analyze the discussions that occurred at that meeting in an intellectually honest fashion, you would see that at no time did Murray and Eastman “ram” anything. In fact, Eastman, Galloway and Tait were all very clear in expressing at that meeting that there was a high attendance of advocates for the project while there were none in opposition. Also and very importantly, it was the mayor and only the mayor that called for the vote on that evening – so who “rammed” what? While it was the city attorney and her staff that provided the exact language for that motion. So I urge you to please stop trying to rewrite history. Your efforts to mislead “the people who don’t know what is going on” with your character assassinations of our current councilmembers are offensive and has become tiresome.

  3. Jason Young claims to be from Anaheim but came out of nowhere ranting on the Mother Colony blog about a year ago. He has attacked Council members with unfounded accustations over and over again. Is it only to deflect the lack of time and commitment he gives back to the city he claims to care for? Mr. Young, you rant about graffiti but I’ve never seen you at any Paint Your Heart Out programs. You are so proud of your mother’s huge financial gift to attack Jordan Brandman in the campaign – where is your family’s money for Anaheim Beautiful? And now you have moved to Fullerton and continue to attack city leadership and your former neighbors in the Colony. Mr. Young, you give nothing to your community, you are a raving lunatic and all of us in Anaheim wish you would just go away.

  4. I’d also appreciate it if you revealed your identity if you’re going to call me names. It’s pretty juvenile to hide behind aliases and attack others. Grow up.

  5. Young has gotten Old – a judge agreed that the meeting was not in compliance with the Brown Act and voided the deal. Clearly the public had know idea a vote was to take place. But Kris Murray made sure all her business cronies were there to push the outrageous giveaway thru.

    AnaheimFirst – I lived in Anaheim for over 30 years and have every right to my dissent. The Mother Colony board is made up of mostly sell outs who only care about being part of the in-crowd. I do not feel that it is my responsibility to clean up graffiti in the city after I work my ass off. The city and Disney are responsible for all the low income jobs that bring in the criminal element.

    My family and myself have given to many charitable organizations in Anaheim. We just don’t go around announcing it like some of you. How do you know where I live?

    You can call me all the names you like AnaheimFirst.

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