Anaheim In Wonderland: Who Needs Oversight? Gangs or Police?

Protestors haranguing Anaheim policeman.

Protestors haranguing Anaheim policeman.

Since when are the police, and not gangs, the problem?

There is something unreal about the coverage and hubbub surrounding the issue of oversight of the Anaheim Police Department. This unreality is evident in this this Voice of OC account of an exchange between Anaheim Police Chief John Welter and left-wing agitator Duane Roberts:

The debate in Anaheim about police conduct has become so contentious that at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting Police Chief John Welter publicly accused a former council candidate of spreading “ @#!*% lies” during the public comments portion of the meeting.

A clearly angry Welter confronted Duane Roberts, a frequent critic of the Police Department on OrangeJuice Blog, in the crowded council chambers lobby and told Roberts to speak with the chief before maligning him at council meetings.

“Do I get a chance to refute all the @#!*% lies you say at council? No,” Welter said.

That the police chief would publicly berate a resident and insist that the chief be allowed to vet the criticism before it goes public raised concerns among some about a possible chilling effect on residents who witnessed the confrontation.

Really? Really? Who are these “some” who are “concerned…about a possible chilling effect” because the Chief Welter would like to some lefty agitator to confirm an allegation against before broadcasting it in public, before the city council. How is that unreasonable?

And where in this did Chief Welter insist on being “allowed to vet the criticism before it goes public?” What he did – according to this article – was ask a single individual (who I gather – I may be wrong- has a habit of making such accusations) to ask his target if the accusation is true: “Hey Chief, is it true that you did this or did that?” Oh boy, that sure is an intimidating and chilling exercise.

The article continues:

West Anaheim resident Art Castillo, who was present during the exchange, called Welter’s tirade “intimidation” toward residents who want to make public their grievances about the police department.

Welter is “not listening to the people who are the victims,” Castillo said.

Oh brother. By victims, are we talking about those Anaheim residents who are terrorized and preyed upon by gang members? Or “victims” such as Joel Acevedo, who fired at police and was shot in response?

The central question amidst all this sturm und drang ought to be which poses a threat to the lives, liberty and property of Anaheim residents? The police or gang members? The answer is an easy one (I can guarantee you it is exactly that for the average Anaheim resident), and subsequent policy and political decisions should flow from that answer.


  1. Duane Roberts is a professional student. He does not work but instead uses free public assistance education money to live on. He is very disrespectful toward Chief John Welter because that is the only way he can get attention since his public comment is not truthful. I appreciate Chief Welter and I pray for council’s continued support for him as our Police Chief.

  2. Duane Roberts is a good man who stands up for what is right.

  3. ‘duane roberts is a good man etc…
    Your inference is that Chief Welter isn’t a ‘good man’ …. I applaud the Chief for his patience and leadership – he is an upright man who has to listen to much supposition at the podium without being able to defend each and every allegation. Our City needs to be rid of gangs and this new injunction might improve matters and give APD the tools they need.

  4. Jason Young has no credibility so who cares what he thinks of anyone – as a former felon, he has no place weighing in on the APD!

  5. AnaheimFirst – I am not a felon. Stop spreading that baloney. You have no credibility as one who hides behind aliases.

  6. Mr. Young – were you or were you not convicted of identity theft and burglary? And since you post under multiple aliases, sometimes on the same article, stop the high horse antics. Your criminal record is relevant when you cast stones and run ads calling city and community leadership corrupt and other assorted and baseless accusations.

  7. The information Matt dug up is not accurate AnaheimFirst. Something, when the time is right, will not be looked upon favorably by a judge.

    Everyone knows who I am. I only post under SaveAnaheim, Jason Young, or NoJordanBrandman. You on the other hand hide behind an alias and cast disparaging remarks. Least I have the guts to state my name when I do so.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Jason, you never state what is inaccurate about that court document. If you would please specific about what is inaccurate – and I can verify that it is inaccurate – then I will correct it.

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