OC Register’s Misplaced Concern Over GardenWalk “Haste”

oc-register-logoI’d like to share some more thoughts about last week’s OC Register editorial, especially the worrying about “hastily” putting the GardenWalk agreement on the agenda and concern that “other interested parties deserve more notice.”

The GardenWalk agreement isn’t exactly being rushed back to the City Council. The judge’s decision voiding the council’s January 2012 approval came out on December 10. One month later, developer Bill O’Connell, Sr. notified the city he would the agreement to be placed on the January 29 council agenda. The agreement is not on tomorrow’s agenda, as it turns out.

The Register’s concern is misplaced. Anyone tuned into to Anaheim politics knows the anti-GardenWalk forces like OCCORD and Los Amigos have been busy organizing for some time now in anticipation of another council vote on the agreement. It’s well-known among insiders that Mayor Tait has on several occasions said the anti-GardenWalk people will be out in force.  The Register’s worrying about project opponents having a chance to speak shows how out of touch the editorial writers are with Anaheim politics.

And it is hard not to notice the editorial board only seems concerned that opponents of the agreement have the opportunity to have their say. The convention wisdom in Anaheim political circles is that Brian Calle, the editorial page director, is good friends with Mayor Tait and is using the Register editorial page to support the mayor’s political agenda. That would at least explains why the libertarian paper went all-in in support the support the OCEA’s candidate for city council, John Leos.

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  1. Maybe the editorial team simply is using common sense and reason when drawing their conclusions regarding the GardenWalk giveaway. It has nothing to do with any alleged friendship between Tait and Calle.

    Once again, I think it would be appropriate for Anaheimocrat to stop hiding behind an alias.

  2. The OC Register’s editorial writers have clearly been playing political games. Once known for their thoughtful approach to government issues, they no longer have any core values. It’s laughable how they advocate one position in one city and a completely opposition position in another.

    I believe because of their blatant games, coupled with their recent track record of nonsensical and foolish endorsements, which lead to their candidates being defeated, they have lost enormous credibility.

    I guess that’s what happens when political hacks like Brain Calle, who has shown he has no core values is put in charge. Seems he is more interested in raising his personal profile (translation paid speaking gigs) then being truthful and responsible to the Register’s readers. It’s sad to see a paper with such a strong reputation fall apart so quickly, but deservedly so.

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