Al Jabbar Appointed to Fill Vacancy On Anaheim Union reports that Al Jabbar has been appointed to the Anaheim Union High School District Board of Trustees, filling a vacancy created by the election of Jordan Brandman to the Anaheim City Council. Jabbar works for the county Health Care Agency.

In November of last year, Jabbar ran for a seat on the Anaheim City School District Board of Trustees, an effort in which he was support by the teachers unions (the single most destructive force in the decline of public education).

Jabbar, a Democrat, finished fourth out of a field of five candidates:


Here are some of his key endorsements from last year:

  • Anaheim Elementary Educators Association
  • Anaheim Secondary Educators Association
  • California School Employees Association
  • Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez
  • State Senator Lou Correa
  • Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens
  • Anaheim City School District board member Dr. Jose Moreno

Elementary or high school district, he’s managed to get on some kind of school board.

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  1. I’m sure he will be defeated in three years but let’s not overlook that it was Pringle who created this situation. He helped get Jordan on the AUHSD board then pushed him on the City council, freeing the seat for this very liberal Democrat.

    What is worst is that he will be in a position to endorse candidates who are just as liberal as him?

    Moreover, the current AUHSD has two registered Republicans and the best that they could come to a compromise was with some so left that he is no where near their beliefs. Hs agenda will be pro-unions and that not what we need right now.

    Terrible appointment! Who were the other candidates? I heard 60 people applied.

    • Why are you attacking unions? It’s such an ignorant statement. You are brainwashed of you think unions are a detriment to society. It is one of the only groups left that has any power for the middle class.

  2. Why is it that Dr. Jose Moreno supports this man who is not Latino to sit on a school board that is lacking any Latino representation? The other top contender was Latino – Dr. Roberto Baeza. Yet this activist supports Jabbar, a huge loser in the ACSD November, 2012 election over what would have meant Latino representation … all of this while posing as the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the City of Anaheim for lack of Latino representation. Could it be that this man is more of a demagogue than a true supporter of “the cause?”

  3. Perhaps Dr. Moreno felt Al Jabbar was a better choice for the job.

  4. I am shocked this man was appointed to a school board! How and why I think we have made it clear, the public, that he is neither qualified nor right for this type of position. HOW does someone who holds no position in education appointed to a board which dictates decisions in education?

    Frankly, it’s disturbing. Clearly this was orchestrated!

    • Indeed, orchestrated!!! Orchestrated by the Latino “Curt Pringle” aka Dr. Jose Moreno who is intending to make all of our institutions responsive to “the community.” Would that community be his ivory tower in the affluent Westmont area where he resides or the poor neighborhoods from where he fetches poor unsuspecting immigrants to fight his wars as the demagogue that he is. So who is worse: Pringle, who attempted to block Latino immigrants from voting, or Moreno, who uses them for his own political power and sustainability?

  5. Maria – but Jordan Brandman was qualified?

  6. Ok, So I am scratching my head on Dr. Jose Moreno endorsement of Al Jabbar for this position. But let me back up here and first talk about the “doctor”

    Does Jose moreno have an advanced degree in Chicano Studies? If so, as i have heard, there really needs to be some sort of emphasis on the degree obtained because I’m almost certain most don’t associate “Doctor” with an advanced degree in Chicano studies.

    Moreover, I have been in one of those classes, it’s actually an English remedial class that studies why basically they(the Chicano Students) are disenfranchised. Hello! I would say to those students to simply look at the “doctor” for the sole answer. Not to literally ask him for the reasons, but to just look.

    Doctor Moreno is the public school board president and very much supports the government run system that disenfranchisizes hundreds of thousand of Chicanos every year.

    The public educational system is a behemoth bureaucratic nightmare where the food chain starts with administrators, then teachers and classified employees, and in last place are the students. It’s a “Trickle down bureaucracy.”

    Now, back to the appointment issue with Al Jabbar, someone who I have seen seemingly place his campaign sign above a candlelight memorial for the young latino man shot in the back a few months ago. What a class act!

    As i remember the doc complained that because of the electoral process in the city of Anaheim, Latinos can’t get elected but guess what Latinos will not also get elected as long as they are not endorsed.

    Meaning with your endorsement of Jordan four years ago for the AUHSD open seat and your endorsement of Jabbar guess what happens… Einstein.

    Of the 60 applicants, you couldn’t find just one that was competent, committed, and just happened to be a Latino.

  7. Luis – Moreno had an ideal, educated candidate in Dr. Roberto Baeza who was seeking the post. Instead he went with his political ally Al Jabar. This is Jose Moreno – the one suing the City he is elected to serve for supposedly not giving Latinos a fair shot at higher office. He could have thrown his support to Dr. Baeza who is ideal for this seat and it would have been a done deal. This is pitch perfect hypocrisy and a sad day for AUHSD. Ironically, it was two Republican trustees who fought for Dr. Baeza and lost. Moreno is a fake.

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