diana-lopezQuiz time! Who said the following last night during public comments at the Anaheim City Council: “Perhaps another riot will get their attention.”

A) a young firebrand from the Revolutionary Communist Party, or

B) the president-elect of the Orange County Hispanic Bar Association.

If you guessed A)…we’ll you should be right, but, crazily, you aren’t.

That literally incendiary statement was made by  Diana Lopez, as noted the president-elect of the OC Hispanic Bar Association.

Apparently, the council majority’s ending of Cristina Talley’s tenure as city attorney warrants “the community” responding by rioting. That’s really lowering the threshold for urban rioting.

For those trying to follow the logic at work here, Ms. Talley happens to be a Latina — a fact no one talked about until her termination. The usual suspects have latched on to Talley’s ethnicity and are beating it like a rug in an attempt to inject a racial element into the matter.  It’s textbook.

Is Ms. Lopez saying Talley’s ethnicity should immunize her from being replaced? If Talley were, say, Polish, what that mean rioting over her termination would not be appropriate? Is the message Lopez is communicating that she thinks the only means available for Hispanics to express themselves politically is by rioting?

This is the kind of rhetoric I would expect to hear in Oakland or Los Angeles or some polis where the civic culture is imbued by the world-view of the Left. But not in Anaheim, and let alone from an officer of the court.