“Two Anaheims,” My Foot

If there were a way to bet on media headline predictions, I could have wagered my savings and retired on how Voice of OC would headline its coverage of the Anaheim State of the City speech:

“Mayor Tells A Tale of Two Anaheims”

I realize that OCCORD, Los Amigos, Take Back Anaheim, the OCEA and the rest of the coalition of the left-leaning have been selling that storyline hard for months, but I just do not buy it. There are no more “Two Anaheims” than there are two of any city (except maybe Aliso Viejo and Laguna Beach). Every city of any size and duration will have affluent areas  and poorer areas, older section and newer sections.  Anaheim is not unique in this respect. That is the reality of the human condition. Hammurabi could well have spoken of “Two Babylons” and with considerably more justification.

This narrative is being propounded from various quarters with intentions both good and not-so-good. My issue with this meme is that, in my opinion, it tends to create consciousness of division and separateness where that such division and separateness doesn’t exist — the Marxist theory calls “false consciousness.”

I have every confidence the great silent majority of Anaheim residents do not subscribe to this notion, and have a view of their city that is very different from the dystopian landscape that the organized brigades of agitation.

I understand the impulse to use this imagery to draw attention to the circumstances of Anaheim residents living amidst poverty and crime in neighborhoods like Anna Drive. It is a noble, laudable impulse in those in whom it springs from a genuine Christian compassion, and animates the “little platoons” that are the real agents of improving lives.

My concern is its exploitation by the organized Left to push a political agenda aimed at re-fashioning Anaheim city government to more closely resemble social democracy than traditional limited government.


  1. Matt -there are two Anaheims. The resort and the rest of the city. While the resort is free of graffiti and other visual nuisances, the rest of the city looks like a dump. I realize there are special fees that resort area business pay to keep up appearances.

    The problem I have is that dividends Tait talked about aren’t being used to improve the rest of the community. Instead funds are being diverted for resort interests (ie. GardenWalk Hotel). If the council majority paid attention to the needs of the rest of the city there wouldn’t be a Save Anaheim etc. . .

  2. The Resort area businesses self fund every year a maintance district to provide for maintenance of the resort area – saving the city the funds for landscaping and graffiti abatement while also providing a successful economic engine for the city generating revenue for police, fire, and services citywide. You Mr. Young distort facts for political gain.

  3. Can you read Facts v. Myth? I stated ” I realize there are special fees that resort area business pay to keep up appearances.”

    That economic engine keeps trying take the TOT that funds a portion of the city services for it’s own gain.

  4. If you Mr. Young tempered your dialogue way back a year ago and if you and your fellow bloggers weren’t so vicious in their attacks and character assasinations, if the riots didn’t happen, if the continuing diatribe and threats (last night) at the podium didn’t happen, if the Mayor hadn’t added to if not fueled the fire, if if if if…. there is no turning back now and our City is in the worst shape I’ve ever seen it and is fractured at every level.
    I thought during the state of the City address yesterday that most all the folks in attendance do business with or are seeking to do business in Anaheim. If I were planning to drop millions on a deal I would definetely re-think doing it in this climate. You all have ‘hat in hand’ at the Resort trough for TOT yet continue to demean those that support it. If I were asking for a gift I would have a better attitude with the powers that be…. but sadly that conversation is way too far gone ……

  5. Anna – You and your council majority pals are getting the response they deserve. And if they try to bring the GardenWalk deal back, in any form, they are in for some seriously bad PR.

    How can I temper my dialog when I am dealing with folks who lie to the Anaheim public from the dais, give millions away to their pals, and so on. My anger stems from their behavior not my support of Mayor Tait.

    I don’t make a dime off my activism, gain favoritism at City Hall so I can push thru business deals, or get to be apart of the popular crowd. I do this because I sincerely believe this council majority is corrupt and that they don’t give a damn about the people of Anaheim.

    Ya know actions speak louder then words and the actions of the council majority continue to show that they are completely out of touch with reality.

  6. So let me get this straight – Tait’s core constituency is Mishal Montgomery, his staffer who lives in Westminster, liberal Lorri Galloway, Amin David and Jose Moreno who are suing the city, Jason Young a convicted felon blogger who no longer lives in Anaheim, Vern Nelson a convicted drunk who lives outside of Anaheim, and Cynthia Ward who has no core constituency whatsoever and thinks anyone who isn’t lock step with her irrational opinions is corrupt? Oh and let’s not forget the gangs who like his aggressive stance against the Anaheim PD. Wow – how the mighty have fallen. What does he even stand for – what does he plan to accomplish as mayor other than carving the city into districts and legislating kindness – and please don’t list the platitudes.

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