Cynthia WardLast week, Anaheim gadfly Cynthia Ward formed a political action committee, calling it the “Anaheim  Taxpayers Association.”

Its stated purpose: “To support or oppose candidates for all offices, and to support or oppose initiatives which affect Anaheim.”

The treasurer is Helen Myers, a friend of hers who is also treasurer for rich Fullerton gadfly Tony Bushala’s campaign undertakings.

Cynthia regularly and vociferously declares her absolute and total independence of anyone and everything, so this should be interesting enterprise to watch. IE committees are only as effective as the amount of money they can raise. Cynthia Ward is known for a number of things, but campaign fundraising isn’t one of them.

Last summer, she was able to afford to hire one of California’s top-shelf election attorneys to handle her litigation against Steve Chavez Lodge’s ballot title and scorned any suggestion she received any help in footing that bill. Now, she is complaining about the copying costs from her voluminous public record act requests and jingling the tin cup for donations to offset them.

It’s a fair bet this is being created in anticipation of being the vehicle for independent expenditure activity.  It will be education to see who the funding sources for this IE committee turn out to be.