Cynthia Ward Forms Political Campaign Committee

Cynthia WardLast week, Anaheim gadfly Cynthia Ward formed a political action committee, calling it the “Anaheim  Taxpayers Association.”

Its stated purpose: “To support or oppose candidates for all offices, and to support or oppose initiatives which affect Anaheim.”

The treasurer is Helen Myers, a friend of hers who is also treasurer for rich Fullerton gadfly Tony Bushala’s campaign undertakings.

Cynthia regularly and vociferously declares her absolute and total independence of anyone and everything, so this should be interesting enterprise to watch. IE committees are only as effective as the amount of money they can raise. Cynthia Ward is known for a number of things, but campaign fundraising isn’t one of them.

Last summer, she was able to afford to hire one of California’s top-shelf election attorneys to handle her litigation against Steve Chavez Lodge’s ballot title and scorned any suggestion she received any help in footing that bill. Now, she is complaining about the copying costs from her voluminous public record act requests and jingling the tin cup for donations to offset them.

It’s a fair bet this is being created in anticipation of being the vehicle for independent expenditure activity.  It will be education to see who the funding sources for this IE committee turn out to be.

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  1. I guess the public employee unions and Mayor Tait got her to carry more water for them.

    What a fraud. Are you telling us that she opened up a PAC under the guise of protecting the taxpayers, and then states nothing about protecting taxpayers as part of the PAC’s purpose?

    Hey Ms. Ward, we won’t be fooled by you and union-operative tactics.

    Everyone will be watching to see where “your” money comes from… and more importantly…. who receives “your” support.

  2. [Deleted]

    Admin: Robert, if you can’t be civil, at least avoid being vicious.

  3. What a scam – Cynthia Ward is the self appointed voice of Anaheim Taxpayers when she supports the OCEA Million Man for City Council, a mayor who supported pension spiking to 3 at 50, and actively opposes every intitiative that comes forward to grow city revenue from sources other than taxes and fees. That’s about as credible as Jason Young leading an association to impose law and order.

  4. FRAUD ALERT! Who is she kidding? Open a PAC in early 2013. Then say “this is a legitimate PAC that fights for taxpayers and has been open for years.” Then it will be used to hit Kris Murray and Gail Eastman in 2014. This is no doubt dirty work by felon Jason Young, Mishal Montgomery and Tom Tait. So the next question is: “who is funding or will fund the PAC?” We know Cynthia is not a self-funder. So who is it? Tait? Lorri Galloway and her cronies? Los Amigos? OCEA? Make no mistake about her shady tactics, this is arming up for war! We see right through you, Cynthia!

    • Don’t you have four DUIs and live in Newport? Where do you get off commenting on Anaheim issues and insulting those who raise concerns on this blog? As someone who has so little regard for human life that you’ve been convicted of four DUIs – perhaps you should focus on improving your own glass house.

      • Your webmaster here don’t live in Anaheim either… and I’m generally too nice to speak of his past mistakes. But you sir are obviously at an even lower level – like every other commenter here except for me, Matt, Cynthia, and Jason, you are too ashamed to use your name. That’s – oh, I know the word – ignominious.

        • Are you referring to 4 DUIs as simple mistakes? As if DUI I and DUI II were accidents? So what, you made more mistakes and got into a car three and four times so drunk you were pulled over and arrested? Thank God you didn’t kill someone like that guy also from out of town who killed three women in Anaheim over the weekend.

  5. Vern- wake up! Cynthia will throw you, Jason young and others under the bus like she has over time. Get real- her neighborhood hates her. yes, she was once revered and she was crazy on them like she does every organization she belongs to. Just wait….. In five hours, five days, five weeks, five months or five years. It will happen and you can look back at this a read this post. Good luck with that.

    • Well, who knows, maybe that’ll happen some day, but for now I’m enjoying the fact that that conservative and this liberal agree on a heck of a lot.

    • My entire neighborhood hates me? Funny, I thought it was only that handful of drunks and hypocrites at ANA. I guess I need to slink off to a corner and rethink my life because someone lacking the testicular fortitude to use their own name claims to pass judgement on me on behalf of an entire community. Yeah, that’s believable.

  6. Isn’t it still a little too early for April Fools jokes?

  7. Yes, Cynthia. They do. Deal with it. And regardless if I use my name, I will be around forever…longer than you have been an Anaheim resident.

  8. Btw deflect, deleted….shiny object. You are setting up a PAC Ms. ward to take out Gail and Kris to playcate our horrible Mayor. Shame on you!

  9. You bet CW’s neighborhood hates her. The only hangers-on to her list of friends are uber Jesus whackos and other nut jobs like JGY. At least he had the good graces to move to Fullerton.

  10. LMAO, Olivia! Yes, the greatest gift was JY moving to Fullerton. I bet he is renting from Bushalla. CW’s BFF. This is all just so distubing….good BYE-BYE, JY!!!! WOOHOO!

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