Flashback: Cynthia Ward Quits SOAR Over Tait Endorsement

SOAR PAC logoFor some reason, Matt’s post about Cynthia Ward starting up an “Anaheim Taxpayers Association” PAC reminded me of her dramatic resignation from the Save Our Anaheim Resort PAC board back in September 2010.

Back then, Cynthia was a big backer of Shirley McCracken’s campaign for mayor and a loud opponent of Tom Tait, whom she dismissed as a special interest puppet. When the SOAR PAC board endorsed Tait over McCracken, Cynthia submitted this resignation letter. It is full of the political martyr complex and visions of gathering dark forces (against which Cynthia battles ceaselessly) that many of us have become familiar with.

Since Cynthia somersaulted from Tait critic to His Biggest Fan about a year ago, we figure she’s about mid-way through the story arc on her way to disenchantment before finally turning on the Mayor in favor of a new white knight.

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  1. Anaheim Historic Society

    Cynthia has a well earned reputation for ingratiating herself with organizations and then scorching earth until she is pushed out. She is a leper in the Anaheim Colony now. It reflects very poorly on Mayor Tait that he has aligned himself so publicly with her. I recall her raving against him at Potlucks for many reasons that still stand today but for some reason she now seeks to be his cheerleader. Cynthia is a sad and small minded woman searching for a new cause…wonder what it will be next year or the year after that?

  2. So let me get this straight….Cynthia quits SOAR because they endorse Tom Tait? THEN she is in bed with him and begins to publicize that he is the next coming? Is that a joke? I am appalled that she has a platform. yes, Anaheim thinks she is an absolute joke. It used to think she was somewhat informed, but now I am completely convinced she is a JOKE!

  3. Hmm…things are getting pretty tense in the Kingdom, if little old me warrants two blog posts in one day. Don’t you guys have Grammy coverage to write about or something?

    You have worked pretty hard to hide behind that screen persona while hinting that you are a former friend who is airing secret truths about the real me. In releasing that letter as though I am going to be ashamed of it, you expose yourself as someone who knows NOTHING about me.

    Yes, I resigned from SOAR, while some called me nuts for throwing away those perks, you are not exactly sleuthing out special information. The Chamber likes to behave as though the “business community” occupies the moral high ground, but how long do you think those “unbiased community leaders” would continue showing up to advocate for lining the pockets of a select few if they weren’t offered the VIP passes and Candlelight tickets? Wanna find out?

    I didn’t leave because they endorsed Tait, I left because of the backroom deals I felt led to the endorsement process. I was going to leave quietly in the belief that they are adults and may conduct themselves as they see fit. Then I got a call that a blogger had video of the Candidates Forum, and timing showed the Chamber’s last minute substitution of one of their members-a paid campaign consultant- as the “impartial timekeeper.” Their substituted timekeeper shorted McCracken’s speaking time while extending Tait’s, making McCracken look like a fool who couldn’t manage a basic public speaking gig. I wrote the letter to WARN the Board, most of whom were not involved and unaware of behavior they were about to be blamed for. Really, great detective work Sherlock, while sharing nothing that harms me you wave SOAR/Chamber dirty laundry for the world to see. Remember YOU shared this letter, not me. Not in all these years.

    But please, go ahead and delude yourself into believing that any part of that letter is something for me to hang my head over. I loved being involved with that group, I still believe that the Resort is the economic engine that must be protected and nurtured in an effort to provide a tax base for the General Fund. I do not believe it should be used as the personal piggy bank for already rich developers while Anaheim’s streets crumble.
    It broke my heart to realize that many who were casting votes in the endorsement process were already involved in Tait’s campaign and not disclosing that fact to the board. Some were even being paid for their involvement…which leads us back full circle to this blog, now doesn’t it?

    • Cynthia Ward now has her own manifesto. I guess in her mind she makes sense.

      The more she blogs the more she damages her so-called political friend – Tom Tait.

      Keep up the good work Mrs. Ward!

  4. Whoa there, Cynthia. The only person bringing “shameful” into the discussion of you leaving SOAR is you. I didn’t say or imply it was something for you to “hang your head” over. You’re the only one injecting that in here.

  5. “if little old me warrants two blog posts in one day.”

    Slow news day.

  6. I say that CW should run for City Council in 2014 and put her money where her mouth is. That will quickly sort out the flock, show how deep the pockets of her backers are and how popular her bully pulpit is in this City.

  7. CW for 2014…..now that is a disaster, she is incapable of being a leader ad putting her money where her mouth is. She is a fraud

  8. Anyone bother to notice in the previous post i filed for a General Purpose committee, not a candidate controlled committee? There is no stated intent to support or oppose any candidate or issue, and there certainly in not an intent to support myself as a candidate, in fact that would be against the law. I am not sure which is the more amusing theory-that someone thinks I am running for something, or that it would even remotely be considered news if I did. If y’all are sitting around with nothing better to do with your time than figure out what a nobody with no money or fundraising ability who is despised by her entire neighborhood is doing in connection with the upcoming election, I am sure there must be a graffiti paint out party you could donate your time to with more effective results in the betterment of our community. I guess we all have our own idea of fun, mine is stripping paint off 100 year old redwood, yours is spinning your wheels and spending money on Ellis to come up with nothing I wouldn’t have gladly emailed over had you asked. Each to his own I guess.

  9. Matthew Cunningham

    “Anyone bother to notice in the previous post i filed for a General Purpose committee, not a candidate controlled committee?”

    Yes, I noticed, given that you are not a candidate. Your point is…pointless.

    “There is no stated intent to support or oppose any candidate or issue…”

    That’s not true. You might want to read the Form 410 that you signed as its principal officer, because it says the purpose of your committee is “to support or oppose candidates for all offices, and to support or oppose initiatives which affect Anaheim.”

    If, as you say, you have no fundraising ability and no money, that begs the question of why you have formed a campaign committee in the first place, since it is useless without money?

  10. Matt I am merely answering some of your readers. They have made the accusations that A) they say I am clearly going negative on Murray and Eastman-but I did not call them out in the filing. B) they say I am a candidate myself, which is silly and illegal and C) they say I have no money and suck at fundraising. So given the non-issues your readers bring up, I am simply pointing out that the whole thing is kind of non-news. But if you find it blog worthy…

  11. So does this mean you are committing to not go negative on Murray and Eastman?

  12. Notice the sound of crickets in response to Anaheim714’s question? Clearly this effort of Ms. Ward is a ruse to run attacks on the two incumbants because they don’t vote lock step with Tait.

  13. let’s get CW’s commitment now. what is the purpose of your shell of a PAC? Can you commit to NOT going negative?

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