Cash-Starved “Save Anaheim” PAC Fails To Meet Filing Deadline

Rules? Those are for lesser beings than I, Jason Young.

Rules? Those are for lesser beings than I, Jason Young.

Jason Young finally filed the Form 460 for his “Save Anaheim” PAC…eight days late!

I think there’s a $10 per-day fine involved there. But I digress.

It’s difficult to understand what Mr. Young so long to file his report. I mean, it’s really thin. Like, anorexic.

The only activity he had to report for the mighty and fearsome Save Anaheim PAC was a $644.26 contribution from himself and a $1,204.24 expenditure for when one of his ham-fisted print ads in the Orange County Register.

Young reports having 117 dollars and 87 cents left with which to strike terror into hearts of his imagined Anaheim power structure.

If you look at the actual report, you’ll notice that Young and his treasurer signed the report and dated it has having been executed on January 31, 2013 — the last day to file. In other words, they are swearing under penalty of perjury that they finished the report by the deadline.

And yet, the report is stamped as being received by the Anaheim City Clerk on February 8, more than a week later. What gives?

And isn’t this the same character who points the finger over the Brown Act violation related to the January 24, 2012 GardenWalk vote — but can’t find 30 minutes to comply with the legal deadlines for filing his skimpy campaign report?

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  1. I want to know where that money came from? Jason has commented in the past that he is a guy who does not make a lot of cash. I would that someone who is so hard-pressed for cash would not spend money for this reason. But again, I am not a financial planner….but, I am reaslistic. So…the questions is: “Mr. Young, where did you get that money?” For the lawyers out there: “Does he have an obligation/mandate to disclose it?” It is not fair to have someone funnel money to him and he put it in the committee and pass it off as his own. So much for the guy who preaches transperacy and cries conspiracy theories. Get ready for Ms. Ward to do that same with her shell on a PAC. Who are the real theives and bad actors here? Ms. Ward and Mr. Young- look in the mirrors. IT’S YOU!

  2. Confused in the Hills

    I dont understand this stuff, so could someone help me out here. It says in this article that the this PAC only got $644 last year. But this PAC had an ad in the Anaheim Hills news, the local Register paper, everry week for ten weeks or so. The ads cost a few hundred bucks each. So how can they say that they only spent $1200?

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