More Demolition Of Myth-Making About Talley’s Departure

Cristina Talley

Cristina Talley

Gabriel San Roman of the OC Weekly has published a story taking aim at the myth being spun by the usual suspects — Vern Nelson, the Take Back Anaheim crowd, Los Amigos — that Cristina Talley was a sort of Latina Joan of Arc pushed out by a sinister council majority in retribution for speaking out on behalf of la raza.

Yes, I am recommending an OC Weekly story, operating on the principle that even a broken clock is right twice a day.


  1. [Deleted due to continuing display of Malicious Mendacity Syndrome. Perhaps someday, there will be a cure. Until then, we shall pray for those afflicted by it, like Gustavo.]

  2. Cristina only pushed districts to aid her judicial application. Come on, the Governor was never going to appoint a rep “barely Latina” to during his dem tenure. Cristina’s only shot was to tout distrciting. I believe she provided legal advice at the detriment of the city for her own political gain. That should be the story. An ill-equipped lawyer providing legal advice in direct ocnflict to her fiduciary duties. That, my friends is reason for sanctioning and an investigation by the State Bar. Who volunteers to file a complaint?

  3. So, you fellas’ spin is, she pushed the council for districting, or she didn’t?

    And why do you think they fired her?

  4. Can anyone please point to actual data where she pushed districting in Anaheim? Or is this more myth to justify an attack on the council?

  5. When you look past the people trying to exploit this as a racial and/or districting issue, there are not many lining up to say she was a good lawyer. Seems to me she was working the agenda of Tait to the exclusion of her duty to Anaheim. The Council majority did what had to be done.

  6. Thank you Anaheim Blog for posting this article written by Gabriel San Roman. It is refreshing to see the truth about who Talley really was and who she really wasn’t on the OC Weekly.

    It is cruel to see how people like Tom Tait, Lorri Galloway, Joanne Sosa, and Take Back Anaheim hurt this community by always going with the race card when in fact Talley lacked principles and sound legal judgement on behalf of our city.

    But after reading the article called “Conflict or No Conflict” on this blog, I see why Tait went all out to try and keep his trusty steed at his side. Talley lied for him! She lied to all of Anaheim when she said the mayor did not have a conflict of interest regarding his property at 2130 E. Orangewood.

  7. Did anyone else notice that Cristina Talley was a featured speaker at Los Amigos last week as published by VOC I would be curious to know if she ever once attended a Los Amigos meeting during her 16 years with the city or if this is a further attempt to fuel allegations that her departure was based on race and districting. I don’t recall her making an issue of her ethnic background before this point in time and I’ve worked at the city for decades.

  8. Yes, indeed I thought it was strange that she was accompanied by LoGal at a 7.00 am meeting no less and upsetting their beauty sleep for what? For just a minute I wondered what they could be up to but alas they were in the company of the motley crew who are suing the City and the shrills that are hollering at CC meetings about the cat coming after the mouse – Does one have to be a member to attend or be invited in like a society meeting I wonder?
    On another note I thought it was odd to see Katherine Smith at the rally for Talley on the City Hall steps….. strange bedfellows for sure!

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