Anaheim Police Assoc. Mobilizing Against Proposed Oversight Commission

The Anaheim Police Association blasted out this e-mail this morning, asking for recipients to e-mail the Anaheim City Council to express their opposition to Mayor Tom Tait’s proposal for a citizens police oversight commission:

Support Your Anaheim Police!

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and his supporters are attempting to weaken our police force by implementing policies and police review procedures that could jeopardize the safety of Anaheim’s families. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the Office of Independent Review already perform independent and objective reviews of officer-involved incidents.

Don’t let the Mayor’s hand-picked cronies and City politics get in the way of our public safety. As citizens of Anaheim, it’s time to take a stand for safer streets, schools and homes.

Don’t let Tom Tait take away our strong police force. Attend the February 19 City Council meeting at 5pm and call or email all 5 of your City Council Members and City Manager immediately to voice your support for the Anaheim Police Department! There are three ways to help: 1. Show up to a City Council Meeting and/or contact the City Council below. 2. Visit our website and sign our petition at 3. Like us on facebook facebookand follow us on Instagram instagram

Call, write or e-mail the Anaheim City Council to let them know you support public safety.

Click here to send the Anaheim City Council an email now.

Mayor Tom Tait:

Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman:

Council Member Kris Murray:

Council Member Jordan Brandman:

Council Member Lucile Kring:

City Manager Bob Wingenroth:

City of Anaheim Office of the Mayor and City Council

City Hall, 7th Floor

200 South Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim, CA 92805

TEL: 714-765-5247

AX: 714-765-5164

The draft structure of a citizens oversight commission hasn’t yet been brough back to the council for consideration, and so isn’t on tomorrow night’s agenda. But the APA is wisely gearing up now to generate opposition to it.

In my opinion, a citizens oversight commission already exists: it’s called the Anaheim City Council. They were elected, in part, to provide oversight of the police department. They have to power to set policy and enact reforms in how the department conducts itself. It’s not as if there is a lack of review when it comes to allegations of excessive force, unnecessary shootings or other issues. Just look at the multiple levels of investigation and oversight brought to bear in the aftermath of the Anna Street shooting.

This doesn’t strike me as an instance where an additional layer of government will serve the public good.


  1. If the Mayor doesn’t think he can adequately provide oversight to the Police Department he should resign.

    Public safety is the number one responsibility of any elected official.

    We shouldn’t support non-elected political appointees managing our police officers.

  2. This oversight commission is a bad idea. Giving citizen subpoena and investigatory powers is a slippery slope. We have several safeguards in place for oversight. The Mayor is going to create more civil unrest with this comission. Kudos to APD for standing up to him.

  3. It is important that we all reach out to the Council and oppose this plan. Tait made a big point of his proposed citizens committee at the State of the City and directed the council to support him during his remarks – which in and of itself seems like a Brown Act violation. Thank goodness the APD is getting involved and alerting Anaheim residents.

  4. OCRegister on 1/16/13: There has been a “spike in violent crime in (Anaheim), which rose by 10 percent in 2011 and an additional 5 percent in 2012 after years of trending downward.”

    …when did Hi Neighbor start?

    Seems Tait just doesn’t understand public safety or how to lead. It is a shame to see the city suffer through his tenure.

  5. Maybe we should rally on the steps of City Hall in an outpouring of support for our APD. I will wait to see the OC Register’s spin on this news!

  6. Stephanino Garcia proudly and arrogantly stated during public comments that he beat up a cop. This gangster is trying to get on the proposed oversight committee. Do you want gangbangers and gangbanger sympathizers making recommendations that will compromise public safety and jeopardize the safety of our police officers?! I don’t!

  7. “In my opinion, a citizens oversight commission already exists: it’s called the Anaheim City Council. They were elected, in part ..” By the financial support of the Anaheim Police Officers Assoc.

    Does anyone else see a conflict of interest here?

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Junior, I’d make a few points in reponse:

      First, we’re talking oversight, not negotiation of wages, benefits and work rules.

      Second, keep in mind that the APA endorsed Tom Tait for Mayor in 2010, which has hardly constrained him and underkines your contention.

      Thirdly, a conflict of interest pertains to whether an action will financially affect (positively or negatively) the office holder. If elected officials could not vote on any item related to a donor, it would be difficult for any elected body to function.

      • Matt, I don’t recall your position on Prop 32.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          I have supported paycheck protection since it first came around California politics in the 1990s, and I supported Prop. 32 in November.

          I don’t see any nexus between paycheck protection and the wisdom of a civilian police oversight commission.

  8. Junior – which council members were elected by APOA? What a ridiculous argument. Many people contribute to elections which is an unfortunate but necessary step to running for any office. What are you saying, that police should have further limits are their ability to protect the public from open gang warfare because their association engages in the political process? Give me a break – you are either a gang member or one of the Mayor’s core supporters.

    • There is an inherent and undeniable conflict of interest when elected officials negotiate and/or oversee those those who financially support their campaigns.

      I am not a gang member and I wouldn’t know Tait from Adam .. but you sir are a cop.

    • And further on this point, I do not object to “people” (cops are people to)contributing to political campaigns – I object to unions contributing to the political campaigns of the officials with whom they negotiate wages and benefits and/or oversee.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “you are either a gang member or one of the Mayor’s core supporters.”

      Junior is neither. He is a small businessman and conservative from a different city, and a good guy…and mistaken on this issue! 😉

  9. I stand corrected – thank you for the clarification. This oversight board could further inhibit police officers from protecting residents in Anaheim from escalating gang violence. I fail to see Junior’s points about APOA’s support of council officers as justification for supporting such a bureacratic oversight board. And for the record, I am not a cop but support our police department and their very difficult job.

  10. If you support your local PD then you should “LIKE” this page.

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