Anaheim Police Assoc. Keeps Blasting Away At Proposed Citizens Review Body

Yesterday, the Anaheim Police Association sent another e-mail blast urging recipients to contact councilmembers in opposition to a proposed citizens review commission:

Stand with your police department and against ineffective Civilian Review Boards.

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and his supporters are attempting to weaken our police force by implementing policies and police review procedures that could jeopardize the safety of Anaheim’s families.

Civilian Review Boards are ineffective at changing police behavior or policy. In fact, most CRB’s only sustain 10-15% of complaints filed against the police department. Officers’ decisions are no longer based on law and policy, but based on the political motivation of a review board. A CRB will further divide our community when decisions are not made based on the law, but on the personal politics and the lack of professional and legal training of a few. A CRB is a step backwards because it attempts to pacify the misinformed and those people who scream louder over the majority of residents and our professional Anaheim police officers! Click here to read a comprehensive Q&A list.

Don’t let the Mayor’s hand-picked cronies take away our strong police force. As residents and businesses of Anaheim, it’s time to take a stand for safer streets, schools and homes. There are three ways to support the Anaheim Police Department:

    • Attend a City Council Meeting and/or contact the City Council below immediately. Express your opposition to the politically-motivated call for a civilian review board.

Call, write or e-mail the Anaheim City Council to let them know you support public safety.

Click here to send the ENTIRE Anaheim City Council and City Manager an email right now.

Mayor Tom Tait:
Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman:
Council Member Kris Murray:
 Council Member Jordan Brandman:
 Council Member Lucile Kring:
 City Manager Bob Wingenroth:

City of Anaheim Office of the Mayor and City Council
City Hall, 7th Floor
200 South Anaheim Boulevard, Anaheim, CA 92805
TEL: 714-765-5247

FAX: 714-765-5164


As I’ve posted before, I view the proposed citizens review commission as an unnecessary governmental body advanced as a sop to a left-wing interest groups.


  1. We need a gangbanger review board.

  2. I watched the last council meeting and during closing comments, the Mayor tried to distance himself on the oversight board because the other members of the council approved a discussion item on the subject. It’s his proposal – he is the only one who asked for it, then put it on the agenda, and tried to direct the other members of the Council to support his agenda for this oversight board as part of the State of the City. Now he wants them to provide cover when the police association asserts their first amendment right to disagree with Mayor Tait’s proposal. I find it disgusting that he doesn’t continue to own this issue when he gets push back from the community. Mayor Tait – you can’t pander to Los Amigos and the mothers of those gang members by forming a political oversight board to micromanage our police department. Anaheim residents will not stand for it. God help you if one of our officers is shot in the line by one of the many gangs they protect our residents from every day.

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