Gustavo memeOC Weekly Editor-in-Chief Gustavo Arellano published a post today about Anaheim Councilwoman Kris Murray that was a real hatchet job. What a shock.

And he gets it wrong. Again, what a shock.

Let’s review Arellano’s parade of errors:

“Take a recent move by Murray that switched out her delegates on an Anaheim advisory committee to determine whether the city should have district elections for city council.”

Contrary to Arellano’s assertion, it wasn’t a “move by Murray.” Her two appointees resigned. David Diaz reluctantly tendered his resignation because new job responsibilities will keep him on the road a lot and unable to attend the rest of the CAC meetings. Her other appointee, Joseph Karaki, hasn’t been able to attend many meetings and resigned so Murray could appoint someone who can.

Arellano portray the appointments as a purge, when the truth is she’s filling vacancies not of her making.

Arellano continues:

“One of the people she appointed was one Sandy Day, who has publicly gone on record to not only being against district elections, but also against being the Latina that she is.”

If he thinks having expressed a position on council districts is a disqualifer from sitting on the CAC, then why hasn’t Arellano called out Larry Larsen, one of former Councilwoman Lorri Galloway’s appointees. Larsen published a column in the OC Register on December 7 of last year — after being appointed — saying he believes the ACLU lawsuit has merit and that he thinks councilmembers ought to be elected by districts.

But that wouldn’t fit the narrative Arellano is trying to construct.

Arellano then takes Sandy Day’s statement deploring the emphasis on skin color in the council district question and twists that into Day being “against being the Latina that she is.” Huh? That feat of illogic should be surprising coming from a journalist — but then again, consider the source.

Arellano’s parade of errors marches onward:

“So what did Murray do? In a press release that appeared solely on the blog of favored Republican hack…Matt Cunningham, Murray made sure to note that Day is “a resident of Latin American descent.”

“Murray made sure to note?” That would be tough, since the press release was written by Anaheim PIO Ruth Ruiz, not Kris Murray. But again, the OC Weekly way is not to let facts get in the way of a good hatchet job.

And if Arellano is feeling put out at not receiving the press release, he can do what I did: go to the City of Anaheim website and sign up to receive notifications about CAC news. Isn’t that basic reporting?

And so what if the press release noted Day is f Latin American descent? I realize Arellano’s intellect can be as subtle as a sledgehammer, but noting one’s descent is different – by degrees of magnitude — from deploring the idea that representation should be based on race. The average, reasonable person grasps that easily and intuitively. That obvious distinction either escapes Arellano entirely, or is cynically ignoring it in order to take a cheap shot.

And the next entry in the parade of errors:

“But Murray did this to not only shield herself against accusations of racism, but also to show that Latinos are against district representation so therefore, no one else should, either.”

And how does Arellano know Murray’s reason for appointing Day to the CAC? Did he talk to her? Did she tell him that? Is he a mind-reader? Of course not. He’s reporting his own speculation as fact. God forbid he consider Murray might have appointed her because Day is a smart, principled, hard-working individual who will take the appointment seriously, and who won’t be intimidated by left-wingers who will denounce anyone not towing the single-member-districts line as a racist.