Courtesy of the Orange County Register

Courtesy of the Orange County Register

 Volunteers mixed concrete, shoveled wood chips, and assembled swings and slides Monday as they built a new playground in Schweitzer Park.

The playground is Anaheim’s third from Kaboom, a nonprofit group that promotes and builds playgrounds across North America. Its Anaheim playgrounds are also supported by community members, the city, the YMCA and Disney.

Schweitzer was chosen to get a new playground because its existing one was old, and the organizations wanted to do a project in west Anaheim, said John Guastaferro, a spokesman for Anaheim Family YMCA.

The park was designed by children from Dr. Albert Schweitzer School in January. Some ideas, including a giant fish, didn’t make it into the final plans. But others, including a zip line, were included in the project Monday.

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