The Democratic Party of Orange County on Monday sent out this e-newsletter trumpeting the accomplishments of new party Chairman Henry Vandemeir. First among the “important issues” for which Vandemier is hailed for “taking a visible stand” is “Fair Elections” liberal-speak for single-member council districts:

Newly Elected DPOC Chair Hits The Ground Running

In just six short weeks, Henry Vandermeier, newly elected chair of the Democratic Party Orange County (DPOC), has covered a lot of ground. Under Henry’s leadership, DPOC has been out in the community taking a visible stand on such important issues as Fair Elections, Immigration Reform and LGBT rights in the Vietnamese community. A Council of Clubs initiative has been launched to work more closely with the many Democratic Clubs chartered throughout Orange County. And, a Strategic Plan designed by Henry has been adopted by DPOC to lead the party through the next two years.

As I’ve posted previously, the Left in this county has its eye on the ball and correctly sees the ACLU litigation and the Citizens Advisory Committee process as the opening to advance their agenda.

If you asked OC GOP regulars what they think about the distinct possibility electing the Anaheim City Council by single-member districts, the response would probably be, “What?”