Attorney Who Invoked Possiblity of “Another Riot” Also Leading $50 Million Lawsuit Against Anaheim

Remember Diana Lopez? She is the president-elect of the OC Hispanic Bar Association who stated, at a Feb. 5 rally in front of Anaheim City Hall. that the departure of City Attorney Cristina Talley was “yet another example of that alienation of the Latino community, and that basically the City Council doesn’t care. Perhaps another riot would get their attention, [but] apparently that doesn’t work in this city.” [Emphasis added].

What you might not know is that Lopez is also the attorney representing the family of Manuel Diaz in their $50 million lawsuit against the City of Anaheim. Diaz was a gang member who was shot while fleeing police during a gang sweep who on that day was (allegedly) serving as lookout for his gang’s illegal gun sales. Lopez’s clients allege the city violated the civil rights of the young gang banger, and want the taxpayers to hand over $50 million. The shooting led to a series of events culminating in the July riots.

I only recently found out Lopez was representing the Diaz family’s litigation (although some Googling turns her up her name in the initial articles on the lawsuit). She wasn’t identified as such in the Voice of OC story that reported her infamous quote. The Voice of OC’s story about Mike Houston’s hiring as Anaheim’s interim City Attorney revolves around his gig as a campaign staffer gig for then-Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle some eighteen years ago.  But when Lopez demagogues that it might take another riot for Latinos to “get the attention” of the city council, the Voice of OC doesn’t think it relevant to point out that Lopez is simultaneously suing the city into paying the Diaz family $50 million.

I don’t know — that seems more relevant than Lopez being an officer of the OC Hispanic Bar Association.

Is it normal for a plaintiff’s attorney to publicly suggest further rioting if the City of Anaheim doesn’t show it “cares about Latinos” by say, paying millions of dollars to the heirs of gang member Manuel Diaz?

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  1. Ms. Lopez should be disbarred. She is a disgrace to the profession.

  2. I completely and wholeheartedly agree. I wish a judge could at least fine her for making statements like that in an already unstable community. Just image how much more money local businesses would lose if another riot happened. Not to mention community resources such as first responders; police dept., fire dept, EMT’s, hospitals, possible deaths. Oh and how about the fools that attended the riots then complain about injuries sustained so now they go on to sue the city. Wow! and that would just be scratching the surface. I wonder if there is any way of fining this woman. She should choose her words wisely when addressing an unstable community.

  3. OC Hispanic Bar Association – It really bothers me when people create organizations/associations that are race-relevant. Come on, we’re in the 21st century. Haven’t we learned yet that we’re all of one race? The human race.

  4. Interesting! I would think that the police would be able to put a restraining order on Ms. Lopez for trying to incite riots and possibly some type of terrorism charge or charge for making a criminal threat. This woman should be disbarred. What is also interesting is the OC Hispanic Bar Associations Platinum member is Disney. Disney Company has methods of control over many people and companies. This is a stupid case for any lawyer to take and they are just taking it on for the money and notoriety. The Latino community should be more concerened about the gang violence and the 3 murders this past weekend. It’s about time the City Council puts out a list of all Gang Names and a map of all these gang locations. Installing CCTV cameras in those areas would be great.

    • Cece,
      CCTV would be a great idea. Apparently Anaheim has lots of money since the council members are considering ANOTHER review board to police the police. Why don’t they spend that money on installing CCTV’s in these neighborhoods instead? That way they have video of all the harassment these “innocent” gangbangers have had to endure from the APD. Because, as we all know, the gangbangers aren’t the problem, the police are the problem. NOT!
      I think this lawyers hero must be Gloria Allred and she’s just trying to get her name out there in a somewhat high profile case. What a shame if the city hands out any money to this gang bangers family.

  5. “It would be a shame if another riot occurred…”

    Classic Mafia-type extortion.

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