Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman

Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman

Per her e-mail that came over the transom this morning, Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Gail Eastman is having a constituent coffee the Saturday after next:


I will be at Ruby’s Diner on Saturday, March 23. Please stop by and have coffee or breakfast with me. Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors.  I’d love to meet with them too.

Do you have questions or concerns that you want to talk with me about? Do you have a great idea that you think that City Hall should implement? I want to hear about it!

So come down and have a cup of coffee with me. Or just come by and say “Hi”.

Date:    Saturday, March 23

Time:   8 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Place:  Ruby’s Diner, 1128 West Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim

If you can’t make my Saturday coffee, please be sure to contact me. Phone: (714) 765-5247


I’d be happy to take your call, respond to your email or even schedule a sit down meeting with you.