New World FoundationLast week, we examined OCCORD, its funding and its role in the left-wing coalition trying to influence the Anaheim Citizens Advisory Committee on Election to endorse single-member council districts.

Some may question describing OCCORD as a politically left-wing organization. As to that, my previous post traced the group’s genesis as an off-shoot of the left-wing union UNITE-HERE, and their continuing close relationship in terms of strategizing and organizing. It doesn’t stop there.

A significant source of  funding for OCCORD is The New World Foundation (NWF), a New York City-based non-profit with assets of more than $30 million. According to its website, The New World Foundation “believes global and national social change begins at the local level. We seek to help progressive community activists in the United States and around the world build stronger alliances for social justice, civil rights, economic and electoral issues since 1954.”

The New World Foundation has given OCCORD at least $30,000 since 2008. The money comes from the NWF’s New Majority Fund, the purpose of which is “building electoral majorities that can reverse the rightward trend across America” and help recipients of its funding to “grow in scope and scale to influence the broader political climate and reshape government at the municipal, county and state levels.”

Clearly, The New World Foundation believes OCCORD’s activities fit that mission.

Perusing a list funding recipients on a New World Foundation Form 990 is like reading a rolodex of political pressure groups ranging from left-wing to radically left-wing, without deviation.

It should be noted that the NWF does not accept any unsolicited grant proposals. In other words, this uber left-wing foundation looks for organizations it believes share its mission to re-shape American and international society and politics in the mold of the Left – and found what it was looking for in OCCORD.

More to come on the left-wing coalition behind the drive for single-member council districts in Anaheim.