ACCC FBSo earlier this week, I receive and accept an invitation to join the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition’s Facebook group. It’s a closed FB group of about 180 people. Members post information and news about Anaheim.

Posted by the page administrator was this message:

“Hi all, Thanks for the feedback. This ACCC page welcomes all posts from ALL sides. Some posts are emotional, some are straight forward and true, and some are twisted and false.”

The message went on to describe the ACCC Board’s activities and the groups mission.

Taking him at his word, yesterday I submitted a link to my Anaheim Blog story about Councilwoman Kris Murray’s proposal to bring back the Home Improvement Holiday (posts on the ACCC FB page have to be approved by an administrator). It was a completely positive, truthful and straightforward post, and as was my accompanying comment on the Anaheim Canyon Community Coalition page. It was reviewed and approved.

This morning, my post was gone, and I have been removed as a member of the ACCC Facebook group.

So much for “welcoming all posts from ALL sides.”

UPDATE: On the Anaheim Hills Buzz FB page, I posed a question to ACCC leader Cheryl Knutson:

Cheryl Knutson exchange



An interesting position for the ACCC leadership to adopt: it doesn’t matter whether what you’re saying is true or false, what matters is who you are. Under that policy, Jason Young is permitted to publish lots and lots of vicious, untrue and half-true posts on the ACCC Facebook page because he is a wedding videographer and not a public affairs consultant and is — as far as we know — earns no income from politics and pubic affairs.

And apparently the ACCC leadership has no objection to their FB page being “taken over” by a partisan with a criminal record. it seems there are exceptions to the ACCC leadership “it’s not the message, it’s the messenger” policy.

For the record, I had no intention of following Jason Young’s lead and plastering the ACCC FB page with every Anaheim Blog post. Unfortunately, Steve McKay and Cheryl Knutson preferred to shoot-first-and-ask-questions-never, so they’ll never find that out.