Don't make us riot!

Don’t make us riot!

The OC Register has a story up about the “feared” loss of food worker jobs at the city-owned Honda Center.First, it’s important to note the “job loss” theme is misleading. What is happening is a change in who is operating the food service: Anaheim Arena Management, which operates the Honda Center for the city, is taking that function over from industry giant Aramark. The food service jobs aren’t going away. Unless Anaheim Arena Management is hiding a secret army of android food service workers, people will be employed to serve food and drinks to Honda Center patrons.

I don’t discount the nervousness felt by individual Honda Center employees who are unsure if they will be kept on after the change in providers. However, no job is guaranteed in this life.

What is upsetting UNITE-HERE Local 11 — and which the OC Register misses — is that when Anaheim Arena Management takes over, food service employees may no longer be dues-paying members of UNITE-HERE, and that impacts Local 11’s financial bottom line.

But whatreally caught my eye in this story was union spokeswoman Leigh Shelton raising the spectre of rioting if things don’t go UNITE-HERE’s way:

About one-third of the Honda Center’s food-service employees live in Anaheim, meaning that any job cuts could mean a loss in local taxes, said Leigh Shelton, a spokeswoman for the employees’ Los Angeles-based hospitality union, Unite Here Local 11.

“The city really needs to take notice of this, because a lot of people are frustrated with all of the issues that are going on in Anaheim,” Shelton said.

Shelton was referring to last year’s civil unrest concerning police shootings and the hot topic as to whether Anaheim voters should elect City Council members by district rather than at large so the panel better represents the 53 percent of residents who are Latino.

What is it with left-wingers in Anaheim? Last month, attorney Diana Lopez (who represents the family suing the city for $50 million over the police shooting of Manuel Diaz), commenting on the departure of City Attorney Christina Talley, says maybe another riot is necessary to make the City Council “pay attention” to Latinos.

Now, we have a UNITE-HERE spokeswoman hinting at riots if Anaheim Arena Management doesn’t meet the union’s demands.

Has threatening riots become an accepted practice from the Left in Anaheim?