“We want more transparency, pig! And single-member council districts, too! And a gate tax! And a Living Wage! And…”

There was an explosion in an Anaheim apartment fire on Saturday, cause by drug dealers using fire to extract hashish from marijuana, according to the OC Register.

The night before, a gang member was shot in the face by a member of a rival gang, near Sycamore and Pauline streets. The OC Register reports:

Prior to the shooting, witnesses reported hearing someone shout out a gang name, Dunn said, followed by someone shouting out a rival gang’s name.

Investigators say the man injured in the shooting is a documented member of the gang that claims the neighborhood where the confrontation took place.

Obviously, these incidents make it clear Anaheim’s top public safety priorities should be establishment a citizen police oversight commission, single-member council districts and a diversion of TOT revenue to neighborhood programs. Greater “transparency” might have avoided these crimes.

Call it a hunch, but I would say the great, silent majority of Anaheim residents are far more concerned about violent crime in their city, than they are about adding a fifth-layer of police oversight (and that doesn’t count the ultimate oversight function of the city council). The caterwauling of certain blog critics notwithstanding, I don’t believe there is any appreciable number of Anaheimers waiting to stand “shoulder to shoulder” to “clean out” the Anaheim Police Department. If there were, we would see calls to place the proposed civilian police oversight commission on the ballot — after all, its proponents want to put everything else on the ballot. As it is, no oversight commission supporters seem anxious for the people to weigh in on that one.