Drawing Moral Equivalence Between Gangs And Police? Really?

I saw this posted yesterday on the Facebook page of would-be conscience of Anaheim, Cynthia Ward:

“…I wish the issue could be an April Fool’s joke, but nobody is laughing, not the grieving mothers who have buried their sons, not the neighborhoods forced to watch the violence from gangs and cops alike…” [emphasis added].

“Violence from gangs and cops alike”? As if Anaheim has an equivalent problem with both gang violence and police violence. As if the reasons and occasions for gang violence are morally proximate to police use of deadly force. The former stand outside and against law and civilization and ordered liberty; the latter safeguard them. I find it astounding that anyone would draw that kind of moral equivalency between the activities of criminal gang members and police officers.  Amazing.

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  1. Her comments are disgusting. Thank you for highlighting this woman’s venom for our police who put themselves on the line every day.

  2. How could any county official side with gang members over law enforcement!

    We need to continue to fight against her anti-police campaign in Anaheim. We want our streets safe for our children, regardless of what she hope to gain politically.

    Since she is a county official on the Orange County Cemetery Board, maybe it’s in her best interest to bury more people in Orange County. But it’s certainly not the best interest of Anaheim families!

  3. Wondered what kind of silliness you guys might be up to over here. I see! Sillier than ever. Matthew takes a sentence fragment of someone’s Facebook post out of context, blows it up to say things it obviously doesn’t say, great outrage ensues from his loyal anonymous followers, as well as sexual fantasies from the deranged Reade.

    Check you guys next week…

    • Ok Vern, we’ll see you next week. Please avoid La Palma Ave near Anaheim Blvd where Mr. Packaging Vice President Daniel Rowlett was stabbed twelve times and murdered by a gang member. Thank you. James Robert Reade

    • Hello Pot, this is Kettle, you’re black!

    • Matthew Cunningham

      Well, Vern, thanks for extruding yourself from the fever swamp to check on the civilized precincts, Vern.
      I took nothing out of context. Cynthia wrote plainly and directly, and the equivalence is right there. It doesn’t go away because you want it to.

  4. No one in Anaheim cares whether you check back or not…Cynthia Ward crossed a major line with her post on your blog accusing the APD of being in the same atmosphere with gangbangers attacking citizens in Anaheim.

  5. Anaheim has a bad economic system because of its too many by far resort jobs. So, it has a lot of illegal immigrants and kids that are more likely to get into gangs. Anaheim tried the gentrification thing but isn’t as big as La to pull it off. Solution re-planned the job based of Anaheim, sure you are still going to have more than average resort jobs, but many resort jobs were English is required can be done by the children of the legal or illegal immigrants of Anaheim rather than by a new group of immigrant adults coming in. Irvine plan itself yours ago and both higher skilled workers and lower skilled workers worked there but of course the gang problem barely exist in Irvine compared to Anaheim or Santa Ana which were old no community plan towns, circa OC prior to 1968.

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