Massive Crowd Of 6 People Protest SOAR Fundraiser

In a telling manifestation of the massive popular groundswell building against the Anaheim City Council majority and the way the city is run, a throng of six (6) people showed up outside the private residence of Mitch and Sherry Caldwell.

Over at the fever swamp of the local blogosphere, Orange Juice Blog, the mini-protest was reported by “Luke Skywalker” (who, as it turns out, is really liberal activist Steve Perez; OJB proprietor Vern Nelson only endorses pseudonymous blogging on his site). Since Perez devotes his post primarily to noting how annoying he was. We learn nothing about who the protestors actually were.

Gabriel San Roman of the OC Weekly furnishes that information: it was organized by the family of Joel “Yogi” Acevedo.

Acevedo was an alleged criminal gang member who was shot and killed last summer by Anaheim, police officers after fleeing from a stolen car he was driving and firing at the officers -although you’d never know it from San Roman’s reporting.

He doesn’t mention the shooting at police, auto theft, or criminal gang membership in this article. Frankly, I’m not sure if he ever reports that pertinent information.

Mrs. Acevedo and company carried signs claiming the council majority is greedy, corrupt, etc. I don’t minimize the grief Mrs. Acevedo feels over her son’s death. But the unpleasant truth is he chose a criminal life, and in the context of that choice, the manner of his demise isn’t surprising. And it is certainly not the fault of Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, Jordan Brandman, their donors and supporters, or anyone attending the SOAR fundraiser.


  1. gabriel san roman

    Ha! You link to an article in this post claiming its my authorship when a simple look at the byline says otherwise! It mentions Sgt. Dunn’s recounting of events, anyway. Obviously your paymaster doesn’t mind error ridden blogging.

    • Matthew Cunningham

      “Error-ridden”? If you’re looking for an example of that, Gabriel, take a look at the rag that employs you.

      I had a number of OCW stories oepn in my browser, and mistakenly linked to the one byline that wasn’t yours. Thank you for pointing our the error, which I have corrected.

      But the point still stands. Take a look at your stories. Almost without exception, in your bylines Acevedo is just some guy who got shot by the APD – no mention made of his being a criminal. That is typical of how you cover the issue of police shootings.

      • Gustavo Arellano

        We’re far more accurate than you can ever hope to be.

        • Matthew Cunningham

          An interesting reply. Not “the OC Weekly adheres to a high standard of accuracy,” but the relative “we’re more accurate than you” — which, judging by the invective that has come from various Weeklies, would make your rag not very accurate at all.

          • Sounds honest enough to me. What, someone should claim to never make a mistake? Is that what you claim?

            • Matthew Cunningham

              I hate to step in while you are busily fencing with your straw man, Vern, but that is not what I said, nor even implied. The OC Weely has historically claimed to triple-check their stories and maintain a high-level of accuracy, which is laughable. And they don’t deal well with being corrected.

              A couple of years ago, for example, I pointed out that an R. Scott Moxley story about Scott Baugh was completely, demonstrably false. Did RSM retract the story? No, he attacked me while maintaining, in the face of readily apparent evidence to the contrary, that his story was true.

  2. Really Gabriel? That’s all you got? You ignore the fact that Acevedo was a gang member shooting at the cops… Does it bother you, Tait or anyone on that side of the aisle that you’re defending criminals?

    • “Shooting at cops?” Where did you pull that out of, “No doubt?”

      • Matthew Cunningham

        The public domain, Vern? Or maybe you only read OC Weekly accounts about Joel Acevedo, in which case you’d be forgiven for not knowing he (allegedly) fired at police while fleeing from them (and the stolen car he was in) — which is why the APD returned fire.

        Shooting at police police generally assures they will shoot back.

  3. My son’s name is Joel, not Yogi. Joel was not driving the car, he was a passenger. Sgt. Dunn reported a gun being found in the vehicle but then later a gun was placed between my son’s legs. I don’t believe there was ever a gun. Yes, my son ran but he surrendered. That did not stop the officers from killing him. The criminal is Kelly Phillips, who shot Joel, beat him, handcuffed him, stomped on his chest so he would choke on his blood, then shot him again in the back of the head.

  4. So Ms. Acevedo, you are claiming the cops shot your son, then beat him, then handcuffed him, then stomped on his chest, then as he was choking on his blood, they shot him execution style in the back of the head.

    Those are pretty serious and incredible (literally… as in “not credible”) accusations… Do you have any evidence to back up your libelous claims?

    • “That’s all you got?” I’m reading this here and I also heard it the night of your event from Mitch Caldwell.
      Yes, Mr. Caldwell, they are serious accusations but my children are not liars. If she was drunk she should not have been driving. Luckily, it was only a car she hit. Ask the person that was parked in front of her if their car had any visible damages.

  5. Donna Acevedo makes serious and libelous claims against officers, city and community leaders with increasing regularity. She follows officers around the city just to try and antagonize them and then video tape them. The sign in her back window reads FTP. Her son was a convicted gang member who was indicted post mortem by federal authorities as well. Let’s wait for the DA report to determine the facts of the night her son was killed fleeing a stolen vehicle.

  6. Film The Police

  7. Notice how Ms. Acevedo does not deny the fact her son was also indicted by federal authorities or that he was a convicted gang member fleeing a stolen vehicle.

  8. Sorry Donna, I back the cops over convicted criminals. Based on the last city election, most voters do too.

  9. Apparently 6 protesters is all it took to get your attention.

    • Cynthia, the attention is primarily directed at the dissemination of false information by the small crowd of culpable parents and gangbanger siblings with whom you are sympathizing with. James

    • Matthew Cunningham

      It got the attention of Orange Juice and OC Weekly first, but I doubt you’ve made the same snarky, pointless comment on those blogs.

    • Stand for Anaheim

      CW- you miss the point. 6 people is stupidity and non-sensical. 6 or 600….it will no change the dynamic people are raising money.

  10. Cynthia, the attention is primarily directed at the dissemination of false information by the small crowd of culpable parents and gangbanger siblings with whom you are sympathizing with. James.

  11. What’s sad about this protest group, the blogs run by Jason Young, Vern Nelson, and Cynthia Ward, and the Take Back Anaheim group funded and supported by Lorri Galloway and Tom Tait is they claim to all be for transparancy and equal rights but only if you agree with their positions. You don’t see the supporters of this blog protesting Tom Tait at Council meetings or picketing in front of his fundraiser – even though, there is growing opposition by community leaders, APD and others to his policies. Yet, these folks who all unanimously support Tom Tait, find it reasonable to malign his colleagues and protest a community-based event hosted by long standing community leaders.

    • Um…. don’t quite get your point. That’s right, you people do not show up to protest Tom Tait. Why is that? Nobody’s stopping you. Is it because you prefer to remain anonymous?

      And you’re suggesting we have some kind of double standard on “transparency” and “equal rights” – how is that? I’ve read your comment twice, and still don’t understand what is so “sad” about us.

      • Matthew Cunningham

        Is it because you prefer to remain anonymous?” Really? This coming from the guy who sings the hosannas of the anonymous “Mayor Quimby” and still has “Luke Skywalker” in his blogpen.

        Maybe it’s because they aren’t obnoxious rabble-rousers by nature, Vern, and have better things to do than picket a fund-raiser.

  12. How about it’s because normal people do not resort to placards assasinating people’s character because they disagree on policy. Tom Tait has never been attacked publicly as a person because he wants to divide up Anaheim into districts easiliy controlled by big labor and OC Democrats. Those who oppose his policies say they oppose the policies not the man. Perhaps if we were drunks or criminals, we would resort to this type of behavior. And is it any wonder people choose to remain anonymous with the type of vicious attacks that you and your friends engage in?

  13. I agree Anaheim First !
    In addition to the character assassination they take photos to further try to intimidate people they don’t agree with who are going about their business in a law abiding manner. I have no beef with OC Dems it’s with the left-wingers that are trying to take over this town under the auspices of our Mayor!

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