Larry Larsen is a member of the Anaheim Citizen’s Advisory Committee, to which he was appointed last year by Councilwoman Lorri Galloway (not by Tom Tait, as Gabriel San Roman of the OC Weekly erroneously reported).

I’ve attended most of the CAC meetings, which he usually sits through, sphinx-like, with the exception of using the beginning of the meeting to state how much it has cost the city to fight the ACLU litigation.

I missed last week’s CAC meeting, but watched on video as Mr. Larsen went on a noteworthy diatribe (go to the 2:02:04 mark on the video)

“There are special interests people on this committee, that do belong to special interests, and they know who they are and I know who some of them are.”

Who’s The Special Interest?
I have to imagine that one of the “special interest people” Larry Larsen was referring to was himself. Otherwise, it would be ludicrous for Mr. Larsen to wag his finger about “special interests.”  Larsen is a loyal minion of former Lorri Galloway who can be relied upon to tow the line, and a part of the special-interest coalition pushing for carving the city into eight single-member districts.

Here’s Mr. Larsen on a campaign mailer sent out last year by one of the biggest special interests aroound, the Orange County Employees Association:

Larry Larsen OCEA mailer

And here’s Mr. Larsen recording a robocall for the OCEA.

And here he is speaking at a rally for the “Take Back Anaheim” initiative, which was funded by the aforementioned special interest, the OCEA, and actively supported by other special interests such as UNITE-HERE Local 11 and OCCORD:


The point being, Mr. Larsen isn’t in much of a position to accuse his fellow CAC members of being “special interest people” when he works hand in glove with a collection of them, and has been single-minded in favor of a particular outcome throughout the CAC process.

Mr. Larsen continued his diatribe:

“Now, let’s not forget why we’re here folks…We’re here because Los Amigos partnered with the ACLU to sue the City of Anaheim on behalf of the majority of the people of the city of Anaheim. That’s why we’re here.”

What an utterly fatuous statement. On what evidential basis has Mr. Larsen divined the ACLU and three radicals represent a majority of Anaheim residents? The implication of his assertion is this majority asked the ACLU et al to file suit “on their behalf” — which, of course, isn’t true.

By “majority,” does Mr. Larsen mean Latinos? It’s pretty obvious that he does, which serves as further proof that the Tait/Galloway bloc on the CAC view governmental representation as a function of race — a profoundly radical view that runs counter to the principles of the American Founding.

It’s an interesting, if unintentional admission, on Mr. Larsen’s part, but symptomatic of the double-talk coming from the left-winger coalition pushing single-member districts. They claim districts are necessary to increase the number of Latinos on the Anaheim City Council, but when someone points out that’s a race-based stance, they deny it and say it’s not about the ethnicity of councilmembers but about neighborhood representation.