OC Labor Federation Organizing May Day Rally In Front of Anaheim City Hall



The OC Labor Federation is organizing a May Day rally in front of Anaheim City Hall.

It will start at 11:00 a.m., presumably start of with some rip-roaring speeches about sharing the wealth, and then a march to La Palma Park ending at 12:30 p.m. Here’s the flyer.

May Day — or International Worker Day — was established in 1891 by the Second Socialist International.

At its May Day rally, OCLF will raise fists in support of “equality, fairness, respect and dignity for all workers and a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million aspiring Americans.” I didn’t realize “aspiring Americans” had become a synonym for illegal immigrant. That raises the art of the euphemism to an entirely new level.

You can bet your bottom dollar UNITE-HERE will be there, and OCCORD, and Lorri Galloway and various and sundry agitators also pressing for single-member council districts, a “living wage,” a retention ordinance, a civilian police oversight board, and probably a gate tax and ban on circus animals.


  1. I’m betting Mayor Tait will be standing with them in solidarity as well.

  2. Wow – Matt actually uses the words “illegal immigrant” and means it – impressive.

  3. So tired of the hostage mentality this country has allowed itself to fall into in order to appease a population that chose to come here for a “better life.” If the conditions here are so horrible, by all means please raise your fists for the “equality, fairness, respect and dignity” you seek in your country of origin.

    Meanwhile OCCORD, UNITE-HERE and Latino Supremacists exploit the illegals for their own respective agendas while Tait and Galloway exploit these very groups for their own political purposes. It’s a sickening thing to witness.

    If Galloway really cared about these people, why didn’t she use her time as a councilwoman to fix the communities she continues to exploit today? Tait is no different. It’s all a show people and it takes more than an empty speech in front of your media friends to solve the issues the poor and illegals face in Anaheim.

  4. If Mayor Tait attends the pro-socialist rally, the Republican Party should immediately denounce his actions.

    What happened to the Republican Party in Orange County,? Why are they silent on his actions? Maybe Supervisor Nelson, a real Republican, can help.

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