When Does Bob Wingenroth Leave?

bob_wingenrothNo one really seems to know, which is apparent from this somewhat confusing Voice of OC article on the confusion over when City Manager Bob Wingenroth departs for his new job as assistant city manager of Surprise, Arizona.

The Anaheim City Council’s agenda for Tuesday might have been shaken up because of some confusion about exactly when resigning City Manager Bob Wingenroth is stepping down and ceding control of the city’s bureaucracy to a department head.

When Wingenroth first announced his resignation earlier this month, a city news release stated it would be effective June 7.

But last week Wingenroth sent an email to city officials indicating that he had departed and left Marcie Edwards, general manager of public utilities, at the helm, according to Mayor Tom Tait, who first backed appointing Wingenroth interim city manager in 2011.

Yet by the end of the week, Wingenroth was still city manager.

“I just left City Hall, and he was there. I don’t know exactly what his status is,” Tait said when asked last week. Tait said that despite Wingenroth’s memo, the city manager will likely “stay until the next meeting.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

The Anaheim City Council meets tonight,m so perhaps some clarification on this question will emerge.


  1. Responding to your headline-
    “When does Bob Wingenroth leave?”


  2. Answer: Not soon enough.

    He, Talley and Tait have done enough damage.

  3. The part that troubles me most about this story is that the mayor didn’t know and apparently hadn’t even considered who our acting city manager might be until contacted by the VOC. His statement is absurd, odd and extremely frightening at face value: “I just left City Hall, and he was there. I don’t know exactly what his status is.”

    Really Mr. Mayor? Perhaps it would be a good idea to figure that out before you exit the building. God forbid we were to have a crisis situation in Anaheim and you were still trying to figure out who is on first base. Were it not that we are witnessing this incompetence with our own eyes, one would almost believe it were the plot for some sitcom or reality show.

  4. At least Mayor Tait meets the minimum requirement in role as Mayor. Can you imagine what it would be like if Mr. Fitzgerald was Mayor?!

  5. Anaheim Avenger

    Here’s what I find interesting…well, maybe not interesting, maybe just typical agenda bs. In reading all the other stories on Bob’s departure, all have made it seem like a clandestine operation to push the man out so the Council could get Garden Walk through.

    What drives me crazy about this is the FACT that Bob submitted his resignation to the complete surprise of the entire Council and then the real SURPRISE. He’s got another job in Arizona. Not one other site or news outlet has really reported that. Instead they have wilfully promoted the idea that he’s being pushed out the door. UGH!!!

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