The Far-Left Ideology of Single-Member Council District Activists On Display for May Day

Anaheim Blog readers know the answer to that question: a left-wing coalition of unions and a non-profit union-offshoot group.

Still, it’s revealing to view demonstrations of the profoundly radical world-view that animates these activists.

Here’s OCCORD Community Organizer Yenni Diaz posting on the OC Labor Federation Facebook page:

Yenni Diaz May Day
Do you see that red graphic Ms. Diaz shares in her post? Here’s a larger version of it:

anti-poliice graphic

Yes, that is a police officer with a “no” symbol struck through him. It is all over the Facebook pages of unions and other left-wing groups and activists involved in today’s May Day demonstrations — many of whom are also leading the push for a civilian police oversight committee.

Here’s OC Labor Federation Political Director Julio Perez in the press release to which Ms. Diaz linked:

“Immigrant Labor has been exploited in this country for years and now is the time for an expeditious path to citizenship, so that 11 million undocumented immigrants nationally and 300,000 locally[1] can live and work with dignity,” says Julio Pérez, Staff Director of the Orange County Labor Federation. “Thirteen years is too long to wait; we need to reduce it to under a decade.  Creating a pathway to citizenship will integrate millions of working men and women as full participants in our economic, social, and civic life.”

Now, when lefties like Julio Perez say “under a decade,” they mean “now.” Literally. Their stance, as articulated by OCCORD, is a “quick” path to citizenship for illegal immigrants:

OCCORD illegal immigrant stance

I have always favored a pathway to citizenship for the millions who are here illegally. Nearly all of them aren’t going anyway, deportation on such a scale is not only impractical but inhumane and beneath us as Americans. Furthermore, it is unwise to harbor an enormous population of people with no formal political allegiance to this country.

However, a “quick” pathway or making them citizens “now” would be morally wrong. It truly would reward law-breaking, and would be grossly unfair to those who have taken the legal path to immigration. No immigration reform should allow illegal immigrants to achieve citizenship before or at the same pace as legal immigrants. The former’s path ought to be significantly longer and more arduous.

It is manifestation of how completely the Left turned the idea of justice inside-out when they claim that “justice” demands treating those who enter the country illegally the same as those who enter legally.

Now, keep in mind that these organizations and activists are the same ones who are pushing hard for single-member council districts in Anaheim. None of what I have highlighted here is isolated — it is representative of the thinking the those pushing these various “reforms” in Anaheim.

Julio Perez and his OC Labor Federation have been strongly supporting single-member council districts. The chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee, Vivian Pham, is a council district supporter who was also a personal donor to Perez’s failed Assembly campaign last year – not to mention a major professional funder of OCCORD.

Hhmmm. Quick or immediate citizenship for illegal immigrants, carving Anaheim into ethnic fiefdoms/council districts. It’s not difficult to divine the political/partisan agenda at work here.

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  1. Gustavo Arellano

    [Lie lie lie.]

    • “Brilliant” comment GA – please point out the “lies” in this article – or STFU!

      • Matthew Cunningham

        My apologies – in fairness to Gustavo, he didn’t write that. I substituted those words for his comment, because he said something untrue.

        • Okay – let’s see GA’s lies – I enjoy busting his chops – it’s so easy to do. And he should still STFU.

        • It has always been my opinion that 95% of GA’s words are nothing but lies. When confronted with common sense, he replies with personal attacks. I know from personal experience. Very professional. NOT!

          Then again… what else could we expect from someone who works for an underground rag?

  2. Diana Eckstein

    Thank you so much for continuing the uphill battle against this attack against common sense in Anaheim. Kris Murray’s Editorial made the point perfectly when it comes to Districting: the people, NOT special interests will make the decision. Good luck to you MAtt, and thanks again for keeping it up.

  3. cynthia curran

    Actually, most illegal immirgants before Reagan gave them the first amnesty where during just as good as they did after the amnesty. In fact, the amnesty brought a lot that did farming in the central valley to Anaheim, Santa Ana and LA and changed demographics and probably rose povertya lot since even if they got a better paying job it was low skilled. Also, it increase the immirgation problem since Mexicans and Central Americans believe that they would be legalized to work here. Prior the first anmesty people actually were more likely to leave after 5 yeras and less likely to have started families Pew that supports comphrensive immirgation which polls Hispanics mention that they are one of the least likely groups that immirgant to become citizens among lower skilled immirgants Vietnamese are more likely than Mexicans to become citizens. I favor this approach instead of going to permanent work visas let’s changed the guestworker programs for maids and janiorals. No one can be here than 5 years and other countries can compete poorer Asians from the Phillipines can compete against Mexicans and Central Americans for jobs in the US. In fact the problems mention above with May Day would be less intense if more lower skilled jobs in Orange County would be done so much by Mexicans and Central Americans but others as well.We need to work on an exile Vista because have people that are illegal now are on expired vistas.

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