I was looking at the flyer for tonight’s “Voice of the Community” Forum taking place this evening at St. Anthony Claret Church.

It’s a project of the East Street Community Renewal Initiative, which is a project of former-Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, whom it is widely assumed will be running for Anaheim City Council next year.

I was noticed the title – “The Aftermath of Anaheim’s Civil Unrest” – and was struck, once again, by the tendency of the Left to euphemize street violence (as long as the perpetrators hail from approved ethnic and soci0-economic backgrounds).

There was nothing “civil” about what happened in Anaheim last summer. It was a riot, plain and simple. And riots are bad for civil society. They are dangerous to ordered liberty. They undermine opportunity and prosperity. Last summer’s riot hurt Anaheim, made it less attractive to business and investment, which in turns harms the most economically vulnerable – those whom the individuals and groups profess to be concerned about even as they excoriate the police and wring their hands about understanding the rioters.

Is there anything civil about this?:



Or this?:


Anaheim rioter

Which reminds me: see the guy above with the stretched ear-lobe piercings yelling at the stoic Anaheim police officer during last summer’s “civil unrest”? I saw him last week at the May Day rally in Anaheim:

Angry left-wing union guy with stretched out ear lobes.

Angry left-wing union guy with stretched out ear lobes.

He was one of the union parade whips — they were wearing orange safety vests — although I didn”t see whether he was part of UNITE-HERE Local 11 or the Communications Workers of America, who supplied most of the boots-on-the-ground. I didn’t see this guy yelling at any police officers, but I am curious about that button he is wearing with the red star on it.