Jason Young liarAnaheim Blog readers remember Jason Young, gadfly wedding videographer with a court record.

Jason is about as subtle and nuanced as a sledgehammer. Jason’s favorite tactic is accusing people of being “liars” – an interesting approach from someone convicted of burglary and identity theft.

Today, Jason unsheathed his stiletto in an attempt to slash (figuratively speaking) the newest member of the Anaheim Citizens Advisory Committee, Amanda Edinger.

I’ll not link to Jason’s attempt at character assassination. He posts screenshots of some comments Mrs. Edinger has made on Facebook and uses them to falsely claim Mrs. Edinger is anti-immigrant. In other words, the guy who continually accuses other people of being liars shows himself to be exactly that: a liar.

Amanda Edinger’s comments reveal that she thinks the federal welfare state is too big and that too many people are dependent on it; that immigrants who are in this country illegally should not be given amnesty; that immigrants to this country should learn English; that the federal government should be able to control the border; that individuals should strive to be self-sufficient. All of these are views that are squarely in the mainstream of American political thought.

But Jason Young, in a deeply dishonest act, smears her as “anti-immigrant.”

I’m not really surprised by Jason Young’s behavior: he’s a vicious crackpot. What is disappointing is the reaction of the usual left-wing suspects.

Greg Diamond – liberal blogger, Democratic activist and the smartest man he knows — opines that someone with Amanda’s worldview should never be appointed to anything. Good to know that public service must be restricted to people with opinions acceptable to the Left. How very tolerant and inclusive of you, Greg.

OC Labor Federation political director Julio Perez linked to Jason’s screed on his Facebook page (that’s where Diamond saw it).  It’s worth noting Perez is among those lobbying the committee Amanda sits on to recommend carving the city into 8 city council fiefdoms drawn in accordance to ethnic/racial criteria.

Eric Altman was aghast that anyone could hold such political opinion and then goes on to note on his Facebook page: “It’s worth noting that Amanda Edinger voted AGAINST council districts.”

It’s also worth noting that OCCORD, the Garden Grove-based group headed by La Habra-resident Altman, has been intensively lobbying the Anaheim Citizens Advisory Council on which Amanda Edinger sits — and which is chaired by one of OCCORD’s major funders.

It is a vivid illustration of how radical is the world view of Altman, Perez, Diamond and the rest of their progressive caravan, that they equate opposition to illegal immigration as being anti-immigrant; that they see supporting limited government, a shrunken welfare state, self-reliance and secure borders as weird and beyond-the-pale.

Amanda Edinger has nothing to gain. She isn’t a political activist who is accustomed to the rough-and-tumble of political combat — as are yours truly or Eric Altman or Julio Perez. Amanda is a stay-at-home mother with young kids who is volunteering her time to serve on a citizens committee charged with a serious responsibility.

Like most ordinary folks Amanda isn’t used to being publicly – not to mention dishonestly — attacked. In my opinion Jason’s online knife attack was designed to intimidate her into either skipping tonight’s CAC meeting or just keeping her mouth shut. Jason’s blog post is a reflection on him, not Amanda — and a reflection on those who’ve been spreading his poison online.

So, for her service, Amanda is subjected to character assassination from creepy Jason Young, and whose viciousness is then echoed and spread by the likes of Eric Altman — who will no doubt be at the podium tonight, smiling at the CAC members and thanking them for their service.

Is it any wonder that normal, ordinary citizens want little or nothing to do with politics and government?