More on the Controversial Transfer of Benito Juarez Elementary Principal

Dr. Jose F. Moreno

“Sorry, parents of dual-immersion students are not invited to the dual-immersion fundraiser at my house.”

On Tuesday, I posted a comment from a Benito Juarez Elementary School parent blasting Anaheim City School District Trustee Jose Moreno and ACSD Superintendent Linda Wagner over the impending transfer of the school’s popular and effective principal, Roberto Baeza.

Moreno is also the lead plaintiff in the ACLU’s lawsuit to force Anaheim to replace the current at-large council election system with a single-member council district scheme. But I digress.

Today, the OC Weekly‘s Gabriel San Roman has an article with more on the issue. Here’s an excerpt:

But is there more to the story than a simple routine rotation? Our sources say there is, indeed, an axe to grind between Moreno and Baeza and that it does, in fact, concern dual immersion. They tell the Weekly that a California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) fundraiser, partially for the DLI program at Juarez Elementary, was held last weekend at Moreno’s home, but with a selective guest list that included Anaheim mayor Tom Tait, Los Amigos Chair Emeritus Amin David (Moreno is David’s successor), and the new supe herself–but not Baeza, originally (he did eventually make an appearance). Meanwhile, parents whose children are actually enrolled in the program weren’t given an open invitation to the event. ¡Que huevos!

Hhmmm. Moreno hosts a fundraiser for the Benito Juarez School dual-immersion program, but doesn’t invite the school principal responsible for it — or the parents of the dual immersion students.

And this is the guy going on about “fair” and “equal” representation in city government?

Judging from conversations I am having with Benito Juarez parents, there is something rotten in Denmark.


  1. Did either you or Gabriel speak to Dr. Moreno or the new superintendent before you posted nonsense like this? Principal transfers happen all the time for various reasons.

    • gabriel san roman

      I did ask the new supe about the transfer. She framed it as a routine rotation. Parents aren’t satisfied with that. I take it you didn’t read the article.

  2. Matthew Cunningham

    Did you speak to Amanda Edinger before you attacked her, Jason?

    You should consider buying a new glass house to live in,

  3. Anaheim Avenger

    isn’t it totally cute how Jason Young (a.k.a. nojordanbrandman) gets all righteous when comments/stories differ from his world view…then its “nonesense”. Thank you for providing today’s moment of levity.

  4. Anaheim Avenger

    Here’s an interesting twist, didn’t Moreno just author a ridiculous letter to the Anaheim Council saying it’d be a great idea if the people were solicited for their opinion and advice concerning the search for a new City Manager?

    Do as I say, not as I do…did Moreno and his school board extend the same courtesy to the parents of this school? Or to the entire district for that matter in their Supe Search? Heck no, because that would call for some integrity.

    • Tired of Moreno

      Wait a minute Anaheim Avenger….you are dead right!
      Moreno SUES the city as the lead plaintiff on the ACLU’s lawsuit against the city on the way city councilmembers are elected.

      He and the ACLU call for the city to be chopped up into single-member districts. Yet his own school district is not partitioned into single-member districts.

      He sues the city to do something that he could have personally seen accomplished in his own school district by his vote.

      Is he fearful that he might not be re-elected if the school district was chopped up into disticts?

      Whatever the excuse – Anahiem Avenger is right….Jose Moreno lives by a “do as i say, not as i do” mentality.

    • Actually, ACSD did have community meetings way back in the Fall…and the recruiter even made himself available for private meetings with interested parents and/or employees. Sounded great, right? Well, that was way back then…and still no new superintendent…until now. So was our feedback really taken into consideration? It doesn’t appear that it was, considering the new superintendent ends up being a cronie of Dr. Moreno’s from his Dual Language Immersion association. Interesting, huh? Wonder what’s next…bringing in principals from her old district?

  5. Sick of politics

    Matthew, I love your blog and your amazing ability to call people out on their own hypocrisy. Clearly some people, (can you say Young) have nothing better to with their time then post erroneous and hateful filth on the Internet. Thank you for keeping informed of the truth and those that abundantly have an interesting relationship with it.

  6. Why is Tait socializing with someone who is suing the city he is mayor of?

    • ReasonableGuy2

      That is the most interesting part of this article. As Mayor isn’t Tom Tait (or Traitor more likely) supposed to represent the the City? I hope he is dis-qualified from speaking on the Jose Moreno’s law suit.

      • RECALL on Moreno

        I suggest a RECALL on Dr. Jose Moreno,
        this guy just wants to look good politically but is not a true Public Employee.. He is in this for himself, he doesn’t do anything for our schools, nor children. Well only some children the children where he will get political attention. Oh I forgot he played or plays basketball with the community of Anna Drive, what happen to the rest of the kids of Anaheim? Moreno, haven’t seen this guy in my neighborhood. like I said this guy wants to look good politically.
        Moreno es una VERGUENZA HISPANA.

  7. Yes!!! Recall Moreno!!! Let’s start this recall now!!! How do we go about doing this? The people need to “transfer” him off the school board.

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