Lucille Kring E-Mails Anaheimers With GardenWalk Facts

Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring

Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring

Yesterday, Anaheim Councilwoman Lucille Kring sent out this e-mail regarding the GardenWalk agreement coming before the City Council this evening:

To the Residents, Business Owners and Workers in the City of Anaheim,

There has been so much misinformation about the Garden Walk issue that I feel the time has come for my voice to be heard on this subject. First of all, the city is NOT writing a check to a developer for $158 million. There will be no cuts to police, fire or city services.

Some background on the subject of tax subsidies for development in our City:

In May, 1999 on a 5-0 unanimous vote by the council consisting of Mayor Tom Daly, Shirley McCracken, Frank Feldhaus, Tom Tait and myself, The Pointe Anaheim Project, later named Garden Walk was approved and was to consist of three hotels, high end dining and retail, public art displays and the possibility of a public aquarium. An additional 400 Time Share units were also planned above the parking structure. Included in the footprint of that project was the Anaheim Plaza Hotel, which would have given the mall a frontage on Harbor Boulevard, across from Disneyland. After the 9-11 terrorist attacks, the economy suffered a period of uncertainty that halted a great deal of building; the developer of this project did not have the funds to buy the hotel and the main entrance of the mall ended up on Katella. There were a few starts and stops because of the economy. The mall opened in June, 2008 with about 65% occupancy. The six restaurants all opened between 11-07 and 4-08.

The original deal approved by that City Council gave the developer 50% of the sales tax to help with the parking structure that was to be available for overflow parking from the convention center. They also were to receive 50% of the T.O.T. (Transient Occupancy Tax) and 20% sales tax from the hotels.

As many of you know, my husband and I opened a business in that mall in July, 08. Gradually all the food court restaurants closed, along with Chico’s, Anne Taylor Loft, Kay’s Jewelers, Tommy Bahama, Tommy Hilfiger, Japanese Grill, Luxe Salon, our wine bar and many others.

With this current plan for the proposed Garden Walk hotels, there is a 70% rebate of the T.O.T. They are asking for a 2 year window before starting construction but will start as soon as possible. Many of the jobs will go to local Anaheim workers. Some members of the construction industry are experiencing over 50% unemployment. With jobs they will contribute to the economy and pay taxes that will go into the general fund of the City of Anaheim.

The developer is paying property taxes now and will continue to pay for the life of the hotels. Sales tax from the hotels’ sales will also go into the City’s general fund.

Unlike the former agreement in 1999, there is no sales tax rebate to the hoteliers.

Unless the hotels are built and someone rents a room, no money will be rebated to them. The line to remember is that they have up to two years to start to build. It will take 30+ months to build the hotel(s) and then one year of guests renting rooms before there is any calculation of T.O.T. rebate paid to them. If the hotels never get built, they will receive nothing.

Remember that all this time property tax is being paid which goes into the general fund for police, fire and city services.

The developer will receive 70% of the T.O.T. rebate, 20% will go to pay off the City of Anaheim Resort Bonds and 10% will go to the general fund. As the hotels are more successful, the money from these percentages will also increase. This subsidy is not open-ended. It is for a time certain. And the subsidy is needed for the developer to obtain the construction loan. Again, the hotels will be built long before any money is rebated to them.

The city has a history of helping with economic assistance. In the early 2000’s when hotel brands were going to Garden Grove because they gave away free land, T.O.T. and sales tax rebates. Anaheim could not get a brand name hotel to come here because we didn’t offer anything. It was decided that we would help with a 50% rebate for T.O.T. for any new hotel construction. Only one hotel took advantage of it, the Doubletree Suites which is a very successful hotel. Members of the council were the same as in 1999 and the vote was a unanimous 5-0 in support.

These hotels will help visitors and conventioneers stay in Anaheim and not go to the four star hotels in the beach cities which is what is happening now. They will also allow for higher end conventions to book in Anaheim.

With no subsidy they could build 3 star hotels with 250 rooms each and only go up to 4 floors. We are in a global economy and we compete with LA, Santa Barbara, etc. for vacationers and conventions.

From a financial outlook this is a great deal for the city, her residents and the general fund. Each year that these hotels are open there is more money that will go into the general fund for parks, libraries, fire and police.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at
I sincerely hope this has helped you to understand this issue more clearly.

Lucille Kring
Anaheim City Council Woman

City of Anaheim
200 S. Anaheim Boulevard, 7th Floor
Anaheim, CA 92805


  1. Thank you Council Member Kring for speaking truth and providing the historic context of this program.

  2. Anaheim Avenger


  3. Thank you, Lucille. What a fantastic reporting of the facts of the entire Garden Walk hotel issue. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the issue as you present it; but as we well know, some people will not get it due to biased influence from people who have agendas contrary to what is good for Anaheim. Good luck tonight for the good of all of Anaheim.

  4. God bless you Lucille!

  5. It’s great to see such sound reasoning. So glad you are back on our Council.

  6. Sick of politics

    Thank you for the facts Ms. Kring!

  7. Thank you Councilwoman Kring for shining light to the undeniable facts related to the history of this project. And, I cannot help but point out that although Mayor Tait unexpectedly came out against such programs in 2012, he did indeed support the creation of these very hotels and the economic assistance which would be required to build them during his time as a councilmember.

    Why then would Tait move so aggressively against the very projects he set into motion nearly 13 years ago? It doesn’t make sense. Or does it?

    FACT: Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait has been personally profiting from tax subsidized hotel projects in Garden Grove for decades (including the Great Wolf Resort Water Park Hotel Project, which is currently under construction).

    FACT: Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait’s campaign contributions for his current position in office included at least 4 checks from Garden Grove developers:

    1. 11-25-2009: Timothy Busch $1700 (Original Attorney & Developer from the late 1990’s)
    2. 11-09-2011: Timothy Busch $500
    3. 12-03-2009: McWhinney Holdings Company (Loveland, Colorado) $1000
    4. Garden Grove MXD – Loveland, Co

    Why would these developers contribute to a campaign for a neighboring city that competes with its projects in Garden Grove? Why would Tait squash growth and prosperity in Anaheim? I will tell you why: Because new and luxurious hotels in Anaheim will compete with Garden Grove!!! And if it is bad for Garden Grove, it is bad for Tait & Associates!

    The mayor’s 180 degree turn on this subject makes perfect sense to me and it is appalling!

  8. AnaheimHillsBuzz

    Didn’t we just read in the OC Register that the developments in Garden Grove also got free land and revenue bond financing in addition to TOT subsidy? Tom Tait has tried to position himself has opposed to GardenWalk based on principal but it seems this is solely about his pocket book. How is this conflict not a legal violation? Why has it not been reported in the press?

  9. wake up Anaheim

    Thank you Ms. Kring for taking the time to remind us of the facts. Your detailed email was both informative and truthful. Please let us know when you are announcing your candidacy for Mayor as we so badly need visionaries like yourself to take Anaheim forward.

  10. Sounds – dare I say it – Mayoral! 🙂

  11. Stand For Anaheim

    Lucille Kring for Mayor! That is fantastic leadership. Well done.

  12. Sick of politics

    She has my vote.

  13. I did a one-minute commentary last night at the council meeting. My comments were from what others had written, but it reflected my personal thoughts; so why not use their writings. But I must point out that Council members Murray and Eastman have been on-board for this project for quite some time. I take this opportunity to thank Council members; Murray, Eastman, Brandman and Kring for thinking about what is best for the City of Anaheim and voting accordingly. The test of time will show the wisdom of their decision. Socrates said: The only good is knowledge, the only evil is ignorance’. And we sure witnessed a lot ‘ignorance’ last night.

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